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It’s been a nice Thanksgiving break; we all got to enjoy some time together. Father daughter one-on-one time. Mother daughter one-on-one time. All together family time. Some grandparent, and cousin, and in-law time. A bit of shopping. A dinner out. A movie in. Planted a new mailbox. Installed new headlights. Finished a newsletter. Layed a pet to rest.

Good stuff.

So after all that we Wondras are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things tomorrow–especially in light of the holiday season. But I’m wondering if we might be overdoing it.

It’s Sunday night now–about 10:00. I just got back from Job 2. Everyone else is in bed. I’m reviewing our schedule for tomorrow. It goes something like this:

0. Mom gets after it with a morning workout around 5:30
1. Up and at ’em; E and Dad to school (Job #1) around 7:30
2. N and Mom to Tumbling at around 10:30 till 11:30ish
3. N and Mom to Preschool around 1:00 (I think)
4. N,E, and Mom from school to dance class 17 (ish) miles away at 3:15.
5. Dad to Job 2 at 3:45
6. Dad home around 6:00 to help with . . .
7. N, E, and Mom back from dance to eat supper at 6:15
8. Mom to a meeting at the school at 6:30
9. Dad to take E to Tumbling at 7:30
10. Dad back to Job 2 (it’s close)
11. Dad to pick up E from tumbling at 8:30
12. Home and bed

What do you think–normal or much?

Or better yet–bring it. Share your schedule.