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Inside the Mind of a Holiday Grouch

This column first appeared in print on December 13, 2006 in that day’s issue of the Inter-County Leader.

I was sitting on the couch Sunday when it started.

“Slow Down!”
“Be Careful With That!”

One of the things all parents have is a sort of superhuman sixth sense (kind of like Spiderman’s) that warns us of danger. Suddenly, mine was buzzing like crazy. So, even though the Vikings had the ball and were driving, I glanced up from the television. (more…)

Holiday Stress–Revisited

This article was first published here in December of 2004.

I wrote it with the help of a couple of editing angels.

It’s a long story, but those angels really did a lot for me back then. I was trying to promote a project that I was working on (if you visit please don’t order, I’m not doing that anymore) and despite barely having two nickles to rub together, I learned a lot–about doing business on the web, about writing, about marketing, but also about what is possible when people with generous spirits come together.

All because of a chance meeting on an internet writing forum. (more…)