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New Words for 2007

From the guide to excellent blogging:

Rule #24–Never recycle a forwarded email.  It’s tacky.

So sue me. It’s not like I’ve been Mister Postalot lately and I could actually relate to a quite a few of these. Plus I think they’re funny and haven’t seen them anywhere else yet.

And #8 sounded suspiciously familiar. (more…)

3 Quick Friday Observations

1) I hardly ever watch the news anymore (or tv at all for that matter), but my head was all gunked up last night and I didn’t have any energy so I plunked down and caught almost all of Katie Couric’s CBS (or is it ABC–shows my ignorance) newscast.

I noticed a couple of things–above and beyond the theme that more women and minorities took oaths of office yesterday.

All of the stories on the show were reported by women. Not a few, not some, not a majority–all.

At least all that I saw.

For the record–I think this is a good thing. Remember when only old men anchored and told the national news?

2) Whenever your boss calls everybody together for a quick, unscheduled, meeting–and then begins that meeting by saying, “We’ve always been a family . . .”–nothing good can follow.

3) Even salaried people, who are always paid the same amount every two weeks, can’t help but open the envelope and look at the check or advice of deposit EVERY TIME THEY GET IT. I wonder what psychological pull or pressure prompts people to do this.

Bad Dreams

Rough night last night. Just couldn’t sleep.

But still, probably better than my daughter’s.

A snippet from our drive to school this morning:

Me: So . . . bad dreams last night, huh?
Her: Yeah.
Me: So what were they?
Her: I put my scarf down the toilet.

In her quest to retrieve it, terrifying and epic adventures ensued.