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Students. You gotta love ’em. Sometimes they write the darndest things (these students are mine, these aren’t).

And sometimes they say the darndest things. The context of this assignment is a presentation for a speech class. The assignment was for each group to present a newscast complete with visuals (via powerpoint), sports, news, weather, and an editorial. They could include more if they so chose–as long as it was relevant, of course.

Just a couple gem quotes from today’s presentations:

First, from a group that didn’t even pretend to be prepared. They pretty much made the whole thing up as they went.

. . . and now to William–who also does the traffic.

. . .um . . .yeah . . .ahh, there really isn’t any traffic out there . . . um, yeah . . . because everyone’s inside. So yeah . . .that’s it.

And then this gem from a group that was actually fairly well prepared and had some relevent topics within their stories.

Too many energy drinks can cause heart failure . . . so you might not want to drink those . . . if you want to keep living.