Ask Peter Answers Peters Answers: Evil Spirit or Scary Prank?

February 21, 2007 — 271 Comments

How Peter Answers works like magic

Like an evil spirit, Peter Answers swept into my room and magically hypnotized over half the kids. I tried shouting. I tried clapping. I tried cold water. But nothing I did helped. Peter Answers ( kung-fu was too strong.

Its magic was hypnotic.

“NO WAY!! How did it know that?”

“Ask Peter who is standing behind you!”


“Ask Peter what the name of my dog is!”


(whispered) “Ask it who is in love with Nicki.”

No, I was pretty sure this was not what I assigned. Sometimes a little distraction is a good thing. It helps to break up the day a bit. Keep things fresh. But this was like a virus. A nasty one. And it was spreading rapidly. The Peter Answers Computer Prank

What is it?

The Peter Answers (or Computer Prank is a magical virus, pure and simple. It’s spread from host to host through word of mouth and has an incubation period limited only to a carrier’s access to a computer with internet connection.

How is it spread?

It all starts with an initial carrier–some individual who knows the secret trick to this hypnotic prank. It works like magic, and if you knows it, you most definitely have the power–hypnotic power, psychic power. Once you know the magic, all you need to do is simply hop on a computer, zip to the Internet and go to

Once at the site, all you have to do to memorize your audience, is draw attention to the idea that there’s an entity within the Internet that can answer all of your questions. Kind of like a Ouiga board but with dead on accuracy. What happens next, is what reminds me of a David Blaine trick. Because it’s pure magic.

Pure genius.

In the first box, the keyboardist types in the petition:

Peter, please answer the following:”

In the second box the typist enters whatever question they’d like–usually from the growing crowd.

What is Jesse’s middle name?

Upon hitting the return button, Peter, from his comfortable couch at, instantly answers the question. Correctly.


Peter Answers My Question: How does work? Subtle Mind Control.

Peter Answers: Special Report

Like I said, I’d already lost over half the room. Even if I’d ordered all computers shut down, they’d still be thinking about how to do the magic trick for the rest of the day. I’m not kidding. had a firm hold of these kid’s minds, and it wasn’t letting go any time soon. So I figured I might as well do a little research.

With Google’s help, it didn’t take me long to figure it out. And once I did, I knew had met it’s match. As with any infectious illusion, the best way to vaccinate is to simply reveal the magic trick.

There’s really nothing like a quick injection of the truth. Sure, the David Blaine impostors will be furious at having their trick exposed. But any short term disruption they may cause is nothing compared to the long term, manic-obsessive behavior that are symptoms of the Peter Answers Computer Prank virus itself. The Magic Tricks Revealed

First, instead of typing in the petition box, “Peter, please answer the . . .” begin by instead typing:


That’s right. Simply type a period. What happens next is pure magical genius.

Instead of seeing what you’d expect (a “.”) you see a “P”. Then type whatever the heck you want and the rest of the phrase “Peter, please answer the following” appears.

As long as nobody pays any attention to where your fingers are actually landing the prank works slick.

The trick to the prank is to here type in the answer to whatever question you are going to ask next. When you’re done just keep typing until the phrase is complete. Whenever you hit the “:” your cursor will jump to the next box–where you’ll type in the actual question.

Hit return and bingo! Whatever you really typed into the petition box appears. and peter answers for advanced users

Once you get the hang of how works, it won’t be long before you run into a little snag. The problem is, sometimes your answer is much shorter (has fewer characters to type) than the 41 keystrokes it takes to type “peter please answer the following question”:

There are actually three ways to solve this problem:

  1. Type another “.” When you do this, the program opens back up and shows exactly what you are typing again. For example, if your “answer” was “Lisa.” That’s only 4 keystrokes, which would take you to “Pete” in the petition. Just type another “.” after the last letter of your answer. Now you’ll have “Peter” and from now on you can continue typing the rest of the petition, “please answer the following question:”
  2. Another option is to fake it until you get to “Peter, please answer.” You don’t have to keep punching keys until the entire long petition is filled out. Just remember to type the “:” when you’re done.
  3. The final way to make this work is to simply play dumb. Pretend you lost control of your fingers and type a “:” when you’re done. As soon as you type the “:” you’ll skip to the next box. Just say “oops” or something and keep going.

So there, my dear friends. The truth has set you free. Once the mystery of is solved, the novelty wears off pretty quickly doesn’t it?

And if you’re a school teacher, it’s really fun to watch two things:

1) The air escaping from the Peter Answers carriers as they lose their power, and

2) The enlightenment of one who only recently had been losing their minds in a state of confused awe.

What? Still don’t get it? Well how about this? What follows is the absolute best of the best . A complete collection of the best Peter Answers tutorials available on the web. Can’t do much better than that can we?

To start off here, first I present to you a YouTube Peter Answers video shot by a kid. The video itself is terrible, but I love the kids accent and language. It’s only about 3 minutes long so go check it out.

Not good enough? Boy tough crowd. Ok. Try this next link on for size. WikiHow has the absolute best explanation on the web about how to do Peter Answers, and how Peter Answers really works.

Alright, surly you get it now right? No? Fine. More of a visual learner. Great. Check out this next YouTube video and I promise without a doubt you will be working Peter Answers like a wizard. This Peter Answers Video Tutorial, unlike the one above is short, sweet, and very excellent. This guy does a perfect job explaining this trick.

Now stop dilly dallying and get on over to the real Peter Answers web site and have some fun!

UPDATE 8/7/07: Apparently Peter isn’t the only tarot prankster anymore. Jud is now officially the new kid on the block.

Chris Wondra


271 responses to Ask Peter Answers Peters Answers: Evil Spirit or Scary Prank?

  1. You sound like an excellent teacher!

    Thanks Kenzie


  2. i alreasy knew about the website and how to use it, but i wanted to know if the answer is friends are calapsing on the ground with confusion. I dictate their future….its mean yeah sure…but i give them a good future.

    What we have here folks is a typical carrier, though I’m not sure how convincing an online spirit he makes with spelling like that–unless his buddies are equally illiterate that is. . . yikes. Now that’s scary!

    Hey Addy, send me your teacher’s email as well. I think he/she might need this vaccination pronto-puff.

  3. I read what you write and it left me speachless. All my friends today were on the sight and it would only answer two girls in my class answers. I don’t believe it is god because it was kind of rude to me. It told me it would only answer my question when Emily’s sole was around. Please E-mail me if you’d like to answer any of my questions. Thank you!

    Better yet–how ’bout you give me your teacher’s email. Sounds like he/she is having the same problem I was.


  4. It freaked me out this peter thing, excellent work teacher!!

    Thanks Nanyaar. This post really does seem to have touched a nerve. Sure is fun to shed a little light once in awhile. Part of it is a little sad though–like when you learn how a magic trick really works.

    Maybe the world would be better if there was more magic. More mystery.

    Just not when I’m trying to teach. :)


  5. That’s pretty hilarious. Your blog is pretty good, it reminds me of MY blog – yep, that’s why, jk.

    I visited your blog and it is pretty funny what you’ve done with Yahoo Answers. Good work.


  6. That is really clever. I can’t wait to try this out on my friends…

    Have fun!

  7. this is what happens when god enters the classroom… :)

    who needs philosophers?

    Is that what was going on? If that’s the case maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick to intervene. I do wonder how long it would have taken to run its natural course.

    Thanks for visiting!


  8. What an odd thing for someone to use their programming skills for…

  9. That’s brilliant. I once made a website where I could sit at a command prompt and answer questions. People thought the computer was doing it. It was great, but it only worked when I was there.


  10. This sounds good. As a teacher myself I think I could make use of this! (-:

  11. Two questions: one, does there have to be more than one person to make it work? like, will it never answer your questions correctly if it is just you? second, When you type in your answer, wouldn’t the rest of the phrase show up in the answer? For example, if you typed the answer “Travis,” you would hve to finish the phrase, right? so wouldn’t the finished phrase turn up?

    Certainly it will answer your questions if it’s just you–as long as you type the correct answers in the petition. No, the rest of the phrase does not show up in the answer.

    Just try it for yourself. You’ll figure it out.


  12. Lol i got that site blocked @ my skewl. which is where i am right now and i’m bored so i’m typing this… YAYE!!

    reason blocked :: paranormal

    HOW GAY IS THAT?!?!?! u know it is -.-‘

    Umm, Like . . . totally gay (your teachers don’t know how lucky they are).

  13. Thanks, I enjoyed freaking my kids out with this. They are 9, 10, and 11. They finally asked Peter “How do you know all this stuff?” and Peter had to answer “ask your mother, she is evil”

    It was a great lesson for them to learn about how things are not always as it seems. Thanks again!

    Thanks for that comment. I always love to hear when we, as adults, can gain the upper hand and torture the kids for a change. And it sounds like you even turned it into a nice little lesson. Perfect!

    You must be an awesome mom.

    Thanks for visiting and taking the time to share.


  14. I think it would have been really fun to use Peter Answers during your class. Maybe you could have used the “infection” for your own means. Sure, the “carriers” wouldn’t have been as into it, but it might have worked wonders.

    I was duped at work today, so I was glad to see your website and see what was really going on. It amazes me how quickly we are conned into something so silly.

    Yeah, it would have been nice to turn the tables somehow. I’ll keep it in mind. Maybe I can do something next year.

    Glad I could help you out. It would suck to get conned at work two days in a row.

    Thanks for stopping


  15. Cool! Like a hightech version of the old chaoots party game, or better yet, try this. In a group that knows there is no joke, with at least one person not in the loop deliver the following then laugh like its the funnies thing you ever heard: Two oranges are in the shower when the first one says, Pass me the soap, to which the second one replies, what do I look like, a typewriter? Not knowing what you teach I wonder if there isn’t some way you could work this in as an object lesson in the power of persuasion? Anyway, good job on the inooculation, Doc! I’m sure the medical journals will be beating a path to your desk on this one in short order!

    Thanks Mark

  16. Wow. This is amazing.
    And your right, the world could be better with more magic and mystery.

  17. You just ruined everything.. now I realize that you are trying to teach.. but if you were a GOOD teacher, you would’ve set some ground rules and told the class that they couldn’t be on the computer. Many people got me with it.. but it’s fun just to do something other than just LEARN plus I guess if you think about it, you are learning something by this site. Why do some people like to ruin all of the fun?

    Don’t you know that, as teachers, it is our JOB to ruin fun? Yep, that’s why we get paid the big bucks. Nobody else wants to do it.

    Ground rules? What are those?

  18. Hi! I loved your post… I was just looking up the secret to Peter Answers on the internet and I found your explaination…. I also love the rest of your site! You sound like an awesome teacher…. firm but enthusiastic and funny. I enjoy reading your smart sense of humor and your ideas. Thanks. (oh, and by the way…. all those nasty comments about “butthead teachers” and “fun-ruiners”….. students just want to get back at all teachers in general… I’m pretty sure it’s nothing personal)

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Hah! In order to survive, the first thing a teacher has to learn in the trenches is instant forgiveness. Once you feel irritation (forget about anger) it’s too late. You’ve lost. Your judgement gets clouded and you may not make the right decision.

    Gotta be able to think on your feet you know? Can’t do that if you take every little thing (or big thing for that matter) personally.

    Nowhere is this advice more appropriate, “Forgive them for they know not what they (do/say).”

    Anyway, thanks for stopping!


  19. Okay you just ruined my Interactive Authoring class today. It was great. I had my friends convinced it was our lecturer until “Peter” started saying things even he couldn’t know. Eventually I asked “Peter” to reveal himself to which he answered “It’s Kirsty, you idiots”


    Thanks for stopping by Kirsty.

  20. I already know the secret,but oh my gosh it is so fun to tell your friends who don’t know they get so scared. this website is truly genius i love it. The website is cool but i too noticed that everyone is always talking about it , it is so funny how the people who don’t know are always talking about it and are so scared. It kind of takes away the fun when people find out the truth to peter answer because they won’t be so freaked out any more.
    Peace out , later

    Good clean fun, right Mary?

  21. FellowTeacher March 1, 2007 at 2:49 pm

    Dear Mr. Wondra,
    Thank you for this infromation. My class has been using this website to have Peter answer “Who is the dumbest person in the room?” and other insults about yours truly. I now have the proof that my rowdy students are doing this on purpose to insult me and to disrupt my class. Once again, thank you.

    -Fellow Teacher

    Your welcome.

  22. Dear Mr. Wondra,
    I had no idea how this thing worked until now, and for that I must thank you. I found pleasure in personally exploiting this “magic machine” in front of my class. Although I was hated amongst many of the girls, harmony was soon restored. Thank you for revealing the secret of this very distracting machine.

    -Mr. Locke (a fellow teacher)

    Your welcome Mr. Locke. Glad you could have a little fun with it.


  23. wow this thing is freaky. my friend did it to me in school and my two other friends burst out in hysterical laughs as i started shaking because the magical “Peter” had answered my question correctly. the rest of the class looked in our direction and ran over to see what was going on. my teacher soon got fed up with us, not knowing what we were doing, and my friend never revealed the secret, but now i know 😉 thanks for a good practical joke!

  24. Ok, I actually started to cry. I was thinking–no, I don’t know what I was thinking.. that was just crazy. My brother pranked me for like 30 minutes straight. He scared me so bad I was crying!! I didn’t know what to think at all! I read “Spiritual Tarot” and I was like no way does it know this stuff just by him typing.. anyway, VERY well done.

    I really applaud you for this one. But damnit that wasn’t funny at first!!! :)

  25. That is too funny. You must be a very fun teacher!!

  26. hi there really nice, my mom was crying………

  27. I, being an eleven year old kid who was fooled by my friend today, am surprised. My friend tricked me a couple times, then I tricked my cousins a couple times. I just do not think that it is necessary to post this kind of thing on the web. Does it matter if people know? No. But does it ruin the fun. Yes. I find it in a way dispicable to do this.

  28. Thank you so much for doing this. I have been woried that my friends had been speaking with the devil or something. I was, it’s true. So I browsed around Google, read this, tryed it, and was deaply relieved. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


  29. My school has recently been engulefed with PACD. I, being the only smart student at my school apparently, am the only one who seems to doubt its “magical power”. I’m glad i’ll get to show the ones who are freakin’ out the secret…….

    I don’t know how you figured it out but thanks

  30. Thank you for clearing this up. My high schooler came home telling me about this site and how it had given specific answers to questions a friend was giving it about her. Trying it at home, of course, it wouldn’t answer anything because of the “dark thoughts” (that would be me!) I googled it and found your site. Some have chastized you for positng the secret–I think you are doing a great service for parents and teachers alike. Thank you so much.

    Your welcome. I had no idea how big an issue this was when I originally posted. Glad to have been a help–especially to parents.

  31. das wiked. som kid in ma clas did dat. evry1 freaked, even da teacha!it waz jokes, Buh… she went 2 ur web, got da secret n printed it n gave it 2 us 2day! Da fun onli lasted 4 2 days, nofair, yo! N it dusnt wrk onma computa. Wat a rip off , man.

  32. On Feb 24th 2007 at 8:49 pm, pohlse said:

    “What an odd thing for someone to use their programming skills for…”

    No, not really. Actually, it’s a brilliant piece of social engineering. All the programmer had to do (after writing the program, which isn’t really that tricky to do) was to tell just ONE single kid about it, and BLAMMM!, an exponentially growing source of Google ad impressions. And since adults and high school students are having fun with this also, I’m sure there are even some legitimate click-throughs.

  33. i came home from work today and my son and his friend were on the computer at the ask peter site. they were so excited asking questions, but only peter liked my son and answered only his questions right. his friend and i were trying forever to get peter to answer us and convince him that we were believers. then i actually called one of my friends and told her she had to come over and see this, and that it was incredible. so she came over and we were all asking questions, even had 2 computers going at the same time, but of course the “spirit” only felt that my son was the only real believer. we were obsessed with getting peter to like us and answer us so we were all trying for several hours! and we were bombarding my son with questions to ask peter because we thought peter thought he was the strongest believer. even after my friend left and my son left to go to his friends house, i continued to try to get peter to like me and see me as a believer, but no luck. after a while my son came back home just laughing and telling me that it was a joke and then showed me the trick. all i can say is this is fun! next time my friend comes over again i’ll go back on that site and tell her that now peter sees me as a believer and will answer my questions and then after she keeps trying i will finally tell her the joke. she’ll be upset first, but then just crack up. i can’t wait!

  34. Sniff, I won’t be noticed after so many comments!! Anyway, I loved the story and I think I’ll do something like that with my teens, yesssssss!! Thanks for sharing
    Take care

    I noticed you right away! Thanks for dropping by. Have fun with your teens. Nothing better than a good magic trick to add a little zest to life.

  35. Thanks for the secret. My kids had me fooled on this one. Lots of fun! By the way, I use Cutline for my own WordPress teacher’s blog. Small world, huh? I love your posts, long and chatty. Not like mine, which are way too short and to the point. Keep up the good work.

    Hi Tom,

    Um . . .what’s wrong with short and to the point? I like short and to the point. Especially in the blogsphere. If I were to meet someone on the street and they were short and to the point, I’d like them very much.

    It’s an interesting comment because people who know me think I’m anything but “chatty.”

    Anyway, thanks for stopping. And I like your blog as well. Keep up the good work.


  36. Whenever I visit the ‘Peter Answers’ site and type whatever i want in the petition box, it shows up in the petition box, not ‘peter, please answer the following question:’…Am I missing something?

    None of the questions I ask have a correct answer, the ‘Peter’ site just evades the questions with stupid phrases such as ‘I will answer the question later’ even when I type in completely nonsensical things!

    What’s up with it?

    The first thing you have to type in the petition box is a period. A dot. That thing at the end of every sentence.
    That is the indication that you are one of the privileged. It is the password, the secret the signal for the program to begin covert operations.

  37. I really like your writing style. I’m sure you’re a really good teacher, bcoz you present things in a very interesting way. Keep up the good work!
    God Bless You

  38. Thanks for the info, the epidemic has hit my classroom also, I see you were even Blogged by one of my students. Glad to know it will soon pass once the secret is out.

  39. Ok, so that you don’t have to keep typing in nonsense after your answer, just hit another “.” at the end of your answer you type into the petition, then so you have one at the begining and one at the end of the secret answer you type, other wise you have to hit space bar a trillion times. So when you do this, as soon as you hit the second period, it then becomes accessible again to whatever you want to type, like you could type “Peter, please answer:” if your answer is short and then you wont end up typing “Peter, please answer the following question:”. Hope this helps some!

  40. My wife came home from work last night scared out of her wits! Being the keen, logical, computer scientist that I am, I first tried the site before taking the wind from her sails; however, I was mildly anxious due to how freaked out she was. After several tries and no real results and her now confused, I decided to do a google search before I would “view source” and hunt down the code. Yay for Google. Yay for you. My wife feels much better (but, soon, my friends wont….muwahahaha). PS: After reading through the posts here (yes, I can get that bored), I am astonished at the poor level of grammar and spelling with today’s youth. I thought that I was bad. As a teacher, what do you do to help bring your students grammar skills in check? I apologize for not going through the rest of your site if you have an answer elsewhere.

  41. Thank you so much. A friend did the Peter thing and the answer that came up really freaked me out. so now i know that it is all fake! THANK YOU!

    P.S you are so nice for telling this

    PP.S my Dad thanks you a lot too!

  42. I can relate to you seeing as just today the same thing happened at my class! Basically Me, Lola and Katherine all knew the peteranswers secret and because the website was not blocked we went onto it in our I.T lesson. The class went wild! But when they tried it it didn’t work and they all started saying it was fake. But yet I showed it to them again and it got a question correct. So they did not know what to believe! But our teacher was so annoyed! I would appriciate it if you deleted this website because.. well lets face it.. it ruins all the fun!


  43. i l ove your website… a lot!!

  44. hey chris!

    i love your blog.

    someone in my math class told me about peter answers and i couldnt wait to sneek onto the computer (as i am currently grounded) to check what the hype was all about.

    now take into consideration that i get very easily scared, and at this point i have no clue what the secret was and i didnt know there was one. so when “peter” answered : my soul will rest under your bed tonight. i FLIPPED out. i exited so fast it was crazy. i thought i had just made a badddd choice and got freaked out when i had to go to bed. lol. im such a whimp but i was honestly creeped right out!!!

    now that i know the trick im going to use it wherever i can! this is well cool and well worth keeping to myself. haha.

    thanks again tech!


  45. the site really tricked me and i have to say great job!! i finally found out the secret of it and i was like oh mann.. but you gotta find out sometime. i’m going to trick my family with it! good work, i’ll have fun with it!

  46. I’ve figured out how to do this but I was wondering if there was another way to fool people like this because I watched my friend type and she didn’t cheat like it’s explained but she did have someone else load up the site for her. I was just wondering if there was a virus or something that would allow you to type answers from another computer? I may just be completely wrong though…

  47. My friends had me fooled with this for the longest time. i, being paranoid already fell for it and belived them. thanks for telling me the trick so now i can use it on my siblings!


  48. lol… you ruined everyone’s fun! Oh well in class it really is more important to actually have class. You were doing your duty.

  49. How about this scenario? For 2 hours myself and my husband were ‘fooled’ into believing that my husbands deceased father was talking to us. Skeptical, but pop-pop kept answering our questions with the answers only he could know about our family.
    Our son confessed the next morning and feels terrible about the deception. This may seem like a harmless ‘trick’, but my husband was devastated. He BELIEVED he was speaking to his father.

    Wow. Thank you for your comment. And I was thinking, for the most part, Peter Answers was just a harmless little prank. This scenario paints a different picture.
    Thanks for sharing Bobbi.

  50. shadin raslan bani yaseen April 7, 2007 at 12:19 pm

    it is a perfect website


  52. sometimes i ask a question and it says someone is waiting for you outside and i get scared and it also says that in a moment i will tell you you secret that you were not expecting….. you will be suprised and i always type in please tell me my secret that i was not expecting.

  53. dude i was scared out of my mind but later i figured it out on youtube, but OMG this Peter Answers thing is real cool because once you find out the secret and pretend you do not know still the next time, a good way to turn the tables around is to ask questions you would like to hear your friends who think they got you answer them, and find out what they really think about you, or what they acctualy do not know about you, but man some people can be brutal in their answers lol, but it’s all good fun and in the process of figuring it out fills you with this enlightenment like youve uncovered something remarkable.

  54. Thank you for enlightening us all (whether we liked it or not!), I would have been up all night wondering if someone’s soul was really resting under my bed (chuckle-chuckle). Well, my campus has a block on just about everything so my students have not contracted the PACP virus. We have state testing this coming week so I might override the block and have a little fun with my 9th graders! Thanks for the heads-up. Oh, and I totally had my sister and my son scared out of their wits! Nice!



  55. please iwant to know about love


  57. hey this freaked me out till I cound out how to use this my bro is a very good actor

  58. Hey this is so freaky I was so scared I did not have night mares but I wet my bed jjust kidding lol but this really freaked me out

  59. Hey….Thanks for the comment!
    I agree it is most amazing, I’m still deleting queries about love, sigh?!
    Like your blog too, makes for excellent reading. 😀

  60. Good evening Chris:

    My friends and I once wrote an AI program back in High School on a *cough, cough* Apple II+…now I’m a wildlife biologist and didn’t go into computers (yeah, like what a mistake, I love my job but am dirt poor and underappreciated LOL)…I saw what this “peteranswers” thingie was pretty darned quick, but you gotta admit…smooooth…thanks for confirming what I thought…

    Also, you do seem like a really cool teacher, where in the hell were you when *I* was in High School? I got stuck with some nutjob teaching advanced math so I dropped it in favor of Home Ec which I used as a study hall for Physics…

    Best of luck to ya’ and keep up the great work!


    Thanks DZ . . . for this and the writeup in your blog.

  61. Don’t you have to put a period after the answer too? Also, Iknow that if you’re bored of typing,
    you do this: .answer………..
    after you do period answer period then you keep doing period. It’ll type it for you. But, if you REALLY wanna trick your friends, I suggest you keep typing.

  62. Dude lawl.. i knew right away when my friend told me about it that it was fake. I use rattional thinking over being conned. I’m not that shallow to believe an internet program. So being he told me earlyer today during school, i got home and googled it before i even touched the sight cuz i know that the internet can’t do something like that. I kinda figured hey computers = programming, it couldda been a simple program, and hey i was right.

  63. oh and what program do u need to run it, is it flashplayer or something like that that makes it load cuz my home computer won’t load it i juss get error on website when i go to

  64. why did it have to chose MY name to only work when “emily’s soul was around”… talk about creepy. thats half the reason i fell for it and all of my friends did. so glad you posted this. i mean i never believed it, i knew there had to be some catch. My sister and close friends on the other hand have been going crazy thinking its real…pathetic. thanks again.

  65. OMG thanks, I went on all day saying that this site was so cool and if used in the “right” ways it could help out with homework and other menial tasks. Now I know that I’ve made a fool of myself in front of all the people that already knew the trick. Thank you so much (my mom also thought that it was illegal somehow and people were watching us lol).

  66. omg like what the helk, I mean c’mon how… what?!?!?!?!?!?

  67. Thank you so much. My brother was tricking me with this. I was seriously going to ask a girl out that I liked, because “Peter” said that she liked me too. lol. :)

  68. Hey Chris!

    This is awesome! I didn’t know this before, but it’s still hilarious to see people with their jaws on the floor. Well, now I guess I can pick up MY jaw off the floor and smile. Actually, just yesterday, I swear I caught my friend typing the “L” key when it showed up as “A.”
    Thanks for revealing it to me, anyways. I know this trick is going to keep on going…as long as I’m passing it.


  69. thanks for this one! my husband & i were not able to sleep! we’re so freaked out! BIG TIME! anyway, you made my day! thanks! =D

  70. Thanks CW, you have done a gr8 job for millions of people, thanks again for telling us the xact trick……all the best CW !!!!

  71. this is too funny, i got my family thinking someone is watchin the computer, i got my frends saying im possessed because it only answers my questions, this is too funny, i cry of laughing, they react like this, OH MY GOSH! OR IF IT ANSWERS THE RIGHT QUESTION IM RUNNING. My family is so scared right now. They think its demonic.They think cameras are set up but im just there laughin my head off..this is so great…..

  72. I work for a certain Bank in America (*wink*) in the Online Banking Dept… So we are pretty good with this thing they call the internet. Anyhow, one girl brought to us and in two days EVERYBODY was floored and only about 5 of us really knew the secret until day three when one girl was freaking out and talking about a demon running the website. I tell you, it was the funniest thing I have seen in ages. I never had such a good laugh. But why did you tell our secret! I had my BF freaked out all morning til he read your exposé! Oh, well… It was fun while it lasted!

  73. OMG then that means my bf tricked me and i got fooled! i couldnt believe this…when i read ur blog today..i went around my house screaming “HE TRICKED ME!!! HE TRICKED ME I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!” laughing at such a fool i was. Do u know how many sleepless nights i had because of this stupid website? I even asked him (my bf) to go to the bathroom with me because of how scared i was! SEE! people can’t even do their own business in peace because of such a baaaaddd prank :p ..and worried of an “Emily” standing by my bed as i slept (grrrr) i fell for it so badly..but my bf is such a good actor, he was shaking and his facial expressions-he shud get an oscar…

    it took me a while to get a hang of how to do the trick with the whole typing in the answer in the petition..but just a bit of practice and i can fool all my friends (evil laugh)

    …i sat there for days thinking..hmm maybe theres a freaky person on the other side that can see us with an invisible camera and can sumhow hear us…

    thank you so much,but i’m still freaked out by “Emily”..yes sadly other people will google this and the prank will be ruined..”all good things must come to an end”

    I really enjoyed reading ur blogs,i’ll continue reading them :) keep up the good work,u sound like a really nice and cool teacher!

    Excuse me while i go call my boyfriend and scream endlessly on the fone to him that i found out about his little prank!

    peace guys :)

  74. You have just made my day! I spent a good part of yesterday trying to convince my student’st that this Peter stuff was just silliness. Unfortunately when I asked it a question he responded that his soul would be under my bed at night…which of course just set my kids off worse, now not only were theyworried about dying tomorrow (or whatever crazy question they asked) but that their teacher might not make it either! EEK!!

  75. Thanks for this post! I am a teacher myself and I actually turned this whole thing into a lesson. I “tricked” all of my classes and then told them I would give them a free 100 if they could come up with how it worked. Later we talked about observation skills, not believing everything you see, and research skills to find answers to things you don’t understand. anyone who can do a little research can figure out how this works. anyway, it was an awesome lesson about using your noggin. I told them to really, really think about all the possibilties of how it could work. Their solutions were pretty creative and some down right laughable! I enjoyed my “power” and had a little fun with the carriers in the room that already knew how it worked.

    I love to hear when teachers do stuff like this. If I’m lucky, this will die down and I’ll be able to do the same sort of thing next year. I really love the way you blended this into a powerful lesson about critical thinking.

    Great Job! And thank you so much for sharing!


  76. Thanks a million, my daughter came home from school raving about this, when she tried it herself it wouldn’t work, then told her it’s soul would be under her bed tonight! She wouldn’t believe it was a hoax and slept in with her sister.
    Question is do I tell her OR does peter say she does her homework and has an early night :0)
    Not really, will tell her first thing.
    Excellent website.
    Best wishes from the UK

    Thanks Jackie,

    Glad you stopped by. Hope to see you around.


  77. Had a blast with this site today. I’m a teacher, and two of my students had the entire class, including me, marveling at Peter’s omniscience. When I was finally clued into the trick with help from a colleague’s Google search and your blog, I used the site to boggle the minds of students in another class later on today. Looking forward to amazing my husband with it tonight.

    Great work AB

  78. Today, “Peter” was among us, and things were especially hilarious. I was not controlling Peter, but I was not fooled either, unlike the rest of my friends in my Friday Fun Class. (Don’t worry, we weren’t supposed to be doing anything, it was Theater. Only an hour long.) My friend was controlling it, and it was hilarious to see how many people it fooled. What was more hilarious was that your website came up second when you googled “peter answers” and, even though the website kept referring back to the google page, nobody paid any attention and continued to be amazed. Finally my friend told me, and the two of us are going to be having a lot of fun NEXT Friday to see what happens.

  79. I am also a teacher and in class today two girls were using this to freak out a guy. He went to the site and asked a question. Peter told him he had a surprise for him in the bathroom. The student went to the toilet block and as he entered the toilets he saw another student slip up and fall in the urinal. When he returned and told us we were rolling on the floor laughing hysterically. This pure coincidence backed up the girls story.

  80. I’m a substitute teacher and the kids got me with this yesterday. The whole class was mesmerized and there was quite a stir. I hate to admit it, but I was under its spell as well and it was hard to distinguish between the kids and the adult:) At least we let off some steam.

  81. OMG i am soooooo glad i foud your article!!!
    i had my mom sleep with me because peter said he was going to rest under my bed last night! right after my cousins had finished pranking me with!!! thanks to you i now know the secret and wont be scared or creeped out whenever i go to the bathroom or my bedroom! (or even think about emily) lol

  82. Seth A. // Mar 29, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    My wife came home from work last night scared out of her wits! Being the keen, logical, computer scientist that I am, I first tried the site before taking the wind from her sails; however, I was mildly anxious due to how freaked out she was. After several tries and no real results and her now confused, I decided to do a google search before I would “view source” and hunt down the code. Yay for Google. Yay for you. My wife feels much better (but, soon, my friends wont….muwahahaha). PS: After reading through the posts here (yes, I can get that bored), I am astonished at the poor level of grammar and spelling with today’s youth. I thought that I was bad. As a teacher, what do you do to help bring your students grammar skills in check? I apologize for not going through the rest of your site if you have an answer elsewhere.

    so wat if we dont use gramar. itz not lik werre riting a reserch paper or somtin. on da net, grmmer is not important bcause itz not formel. Plus, your such a jerk for posting this on the web. Its just harmless fun, and you spoiled it. In example, some of the people on this website said things like “Thank you. No, your not ruining it!” and then those same people said “But I’m using this on my friends”. THEY wouldnt want the secret to be known, and neither do we. Plus, you think your so “Supiorior”. Talk about ego. Dont bother emailing me, its under a false name and i dont use the account.

  83. I have a friend who i think is after my money because she dont call me unless she need money should i continue to do that

  84. Thank you for posting this info! I was up with my daughter until 1:30 AM yesterday. She was crying from being scared and could not sleep. It really can be used as an aweful tool to scare kids, especially my almost teeanage girl. I did leave her teacher a message letting her know about the situation. I will leave her another message to go check out your site. Thank you again for letting us get some sleep tonight!!! You must be an awesome teacher! :) Jenny

  85. I was at a friends house and only this one girl knew about the website and the trick. We were like 13 girls. So it was 3 am in the morning and that friends had us crowd around her while she asked questions. we stopped doing it after we had asked peter how he knew all of this and he just answered “lok out the window” it got us so freaked out tha twe screamed! It was also really scary since it was the middle of the night and we were in the basement. We just ran away from the computer and huddled together all shivering. Until the girl told us the trick because some of us were so scared they wanted to go home! she had to tell us or else somebody would call the police.

  86. hola peter,la verdad me has dejado sorprendida con la ultima verdad,te pido disculpas y mis comentarios por los cuales te registes para responderme asi,los hice porque no entiendo mucho el ingles,y lo traduje equivocadamente,es decir,lo interprete de manera erronea.te felicito por tu pagina y por tu poder mental.espero poder contar siempre contigo y que me disculpes.

  87. bueno,lo que pude enterder de las respuestas que me distes,las acepto.puedes estar tranquilo,no volvera a repertirse el episodio de hoy.sin mas preambulos,me despido disculpandome.nunca pense que iba a sucerde esto.el problema fundamental,fue que casi siempre no entendia con exactitud la respuesta dada por usted,pues no domino mucho el ingles y por ende malinterprete la disculpas le ofresco de mi parte.

  88. RAAAA! shweet!
    well cool
    gt scared @n first thoo xx

  89. so the peter answers is nothing that can kill you..
    because i know some one that played it on the internet last night and then they keep on getting prank calls and texts said that they were from peter answers and i was wandering how did he get the cell numbers??? and then he told them that if they werent together untell 1 in the morning then they would die?

    so this thing is all talk and not real??
    or is it a evil sprit talking to you but on the internet??

  90. u are really stupid! u know that right?? well u are!!

  91. It doesnt woek oi. i enter the period in (.) but it shows up in the pentition , but yeh please help because i no it shouldnt show up.

  92. OMG this is dumbbbbbb

  93. hahaha this thing is great.. my friend had it tell me i was going to die in 3 months in a car crash and i was freaking outtt.. but on the plus side i deffinatly started to appreciate life more and got my friend mike with it answering questions for over an hour and made all my friends convinced that he was secretly gay.. haha this is an awesome prank by far.

  94. Man, for the longest time, I just kept thinking that I just didn’t believe in the Holy Spirit enough. I guess it’s both a good and a bad thing that I found this out.

  95. omg this is so freaky last nite i went on and asked who was on my rite and my friend jasmine was and he said jasmine then i was with my friends later and riley went on and peter tricked me and said he was gonna scare me at midnite and it happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. i was soooooofrieked and i thought i was going todie but 2morrow i’m going to go in and show those girls i hope they get soo scared.

  97. when i first went on the website i was so freaked out 2 morrow im going to prank them on the websit hopefully they get xtra freaked out to!

  98. At the start peter was jus answering ‘you are not believing’ etc. But then he said that he would not answer until Emily’s sole was around. But the name Emily has a close connection to a passed family member who died at birth. Is this real? Or is Emily just a programmed name in petersanswers? please reply. Thanks 😀

  99. man that is awsome g2g bye

  100. i already done it and it was wick my friends were very suprised it is a good prank

  101. i still dont get how peter knows the answers to all ur questions…

  102. hii…oh my god…

    this worked well good because i seriously got the hole of year 8 going made, who ever made this was amazing and thankyou for a wicked prank=D

  103. hi chris
    peter doesn’t answer any of my questions
    so tell me what to do?

  104. ummm… when i try it actually types the letters im really typing. I’m trying to trick my bro but it doesn’t work. It’s fun to trick people.

  105. I figured it out and its pretty cool!!!!!!!!

  106. pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  107. luis fernando soto rivera July 4, 2007 at 7:05 pm

    de que color soy?

  108. i asked im hw old am i n he didnt ansa
    dats a bit dodgy. lol! i dnt fink he really knows
    he didnt even ansa wat my nme was

  109. Don’t Believe July 5, 2007 at 1:46 am

    Im sorry but i don’t believe in Peter answer becuase he hasn’t answered any questions i have given him so im not a believer and i think its not real.

  110. he didn’t answer me idk why please answer tell me the secret of this

  111. hey please answer tell me the secret please


  113. HI,EVERY ONE,

  114. ohh my!!! thanks SOO much for this website!! you’re a life savor!! Like many of you, i too was a victim of this mysterious prank!! If i didn’t find this site, i would’ve probably peed my pants every night thinking of how many ‘ghosts’ were present in my house! HAH. love it.

  115. my friend and I both didn’t know how this website worked and we asked it questions like ‘what is the symbol on my brothers shirt?’ and it answered correctly saying ‘a nirvana symbol’.

  116. louise da shamone July 24, 2007 at 2:25 pm

    my daughter tricked me with this! good job i googled it other wise i would still be believing it, i feel such an idiot because i have told everyone my computer is possessed….DOH :(

  117. Mr. O’Reilly of Twin Oaks Junior High July 30, 2007 at 5:20 am

    Chris, you’re a life-saver! Thank you so much for revealing the secret to A student of mine had shown me this site during a class, and I have been struggling with figuring it out ever since. It may sound childish, but I can’t wait to try this out on my family and friends! :)

  118. Peteranswers really scared my mother because it knows her favorite actress, the brand of clothes she was wearing etc. My mother believed in God so she thought it was work of the devil. After that she tried it herself, peter answered something like dark thoughts interfere. She got scared and stopped doing it. Later that night I told her the secret because she was so scared, she even told me she asked forgiveness to God for talking with the devil. Heheheh.

  119. who do i like ae?

  120. I typed in the Peter Answers website into the address bar. I felt a sudden urge to click Go, and felt a cold hand touch my shoulder. A shudder ran throughout my body, like a current… TO BE CONTINUED (or not)… Now, this Peter Answers thing rules! I almost scared the life out of my sister using this tool. Thank you for creating it, whoever did do so…

  121. Oh!… thats how it works! My friend showed me the website, but I had no clue how it answered ALL of the questions correctly. ( But I had a hint because she kept on asking “who really is” and stuff like that when we asked questions we were sure she didnt know the answer to). Well, thanks for clairifying the secret, the idea of someone actully answering the questions really freaked me out 😉

  122. I died at the age of 17..
    I drowned in the lake of Ontario..
    I can’t remember the date..
    Emily was my girlfriend..
    She’s still alive..
    I know she is..
    I am not a prank..
    In fact.. This isn’t my real website..
    This ones the prank version…
    If you want to.. have a little… talk..
    At Midnight between 12:00 and 02:00 NOT LATER. Take your ouija board with you.
    Use the board before you type an answer.
    And there must be one glass of oil in the room..
    Then… I… Will… ANSWER!

    Awesome! It’s a date!

  123. Thank you for this post. My daughter was freeked out about Peter and how he was always right. I tried to tell her it was a program but she still didn’t want to see it because he was always right. Now, I can explain to her why Peter was always right and use it as a lesson for her to keep asking why and searching for answers.
    By the way, Peter told her that she has a secret and he knew it. The secret was that she was gay. That messed with her because all her friends were around her and of course since Peter was always right and kids can be mean it was not fun for her. Now, she can blow that out of the water.

    Thanks, again.

    Your welcome Tracy,

    It continues to amaze me how far reaching this thing has become. I’m glad you were able to debunk the mystery quickly and I hope your daughter can now have a little fun busting the pranksters.


  124. T__T peter never actually answered me..he only said things like “keep going, i feel comfortable with you” or “im mad at u.” >.> and then the next thing, i found out it was freakin fake.. damn it, didnt enjoy it enough to feel bad bout poor peter.. lol

  125. Hahah wow, my friends got me and a bunch of other people for two days straight now. Me and my little sis were both really freaking out, because my friends were jerks and saying creepy things on it. My little sis nearly had a panic attack. But my boyfriend kinda figured it out so I went searching for an answer and found your lovely little site. Thanks so much, I’m going to have a ton of fun scaring my little sis tonight. Till she figures it out too. XD

  126. I am also a teacher and was caught by this today! It is so true the whole class was freaking out, the thing that tipped it off a bit for me was that the student who was pranking made the one girl’s fortune sound an awful lot like the sarcastic comments that he would say. I’m going to get him tomorrow. THanks you so much!!!!

  127. top, this “psychic” has just fooled a staffroom full of teachers, nevermind their kids. they were all convinced it was for real, me being a cynic dug around and found the truth, i may not burst their bubble and just shape their destiny, including the hoaxer herself, either she owns up or plays along with my questions…
    moral dilemma, i think so

  128. I am a Doctor and was caught by this today! It is so true the whole class was freaking out, the thing that tipped it off a bit for me was that the student who was pranking made the one girl’s fortune sound an awful lot like the sarcastic comments that he would say.

  129. Informative, although it seems a tad self-righteous in presentation. The smug satisfaction should be tempered by the fact that you didn’t take the time to experiment and discover the way the trick worked yourself, but google’d it instead. Why not, instead of stamping this evil, vile, spiteful blotch on humanity out with the wondrous truth you found after a few minutes online(that sounds meaner than I mean it), spend time with the kids and run experiments to discover the answer? Especially if you already know it and can help them design the right ‘experiments’ to figure it out. If they’re going to be thinking about it and WANT to know the answer, why not teach them how to use their minds to figure it out, so the NEXT time they have a question, they can practice learning outside a textbook? Perhaps I’m being impractical as I’m not an educator, but isn’t that one of teaching’s primary goals?

  130. Haha. One of my friends was getting everyone with this. I had it figured out by the 5th answer. All it takes is a bit of rationality. I just watched him type. It’s an obvious trick, the only this is finding out how. I knew something was up when I told him to ask what was in my pocket and he said, “He doesn’t answer that kind of stuff.” I said, “So he only answers stuff that you know?” =)

  131. Thanks a bunch! My Grade 7 son came home last night speaking of this ‘magic’ that only seemed to work for his friends and not for him. One quick search brought me here. Not only have I found the answer I was seeking but a lot of well thought-out and enjoyable reading on several common interests as well. I don’t need Peter’s help to predict that I’ll be visiting here often.

    Excellent work!

    Thanks Darren!

    I’m glad you found some of my drivel enjoyable!


  132. All salute to you good teacher!!! My son just got home with “Peterpleaseanswer” virus and he was soooooooo in awe of it.. i know it is fake and i just needed to know how to get him out of it.. thanks to your very helpful post. God bless you!

  133. Hee hee… We pulled this one off on my teacher today. It was great, he couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on, and of course we all knew. We eventually told him though and told him to try it out on some other teachers. LOVE IT!!! We actually had one kid screaming “I believe in Jesus, I believe in Jesus…!” Hee Hee

  134. i thought this trick is funny and no one knows how i solved it.. my friends are clueless!!

  135. hahaha wow i loved this soo much! i have been doing it to literally everyone i know.. my family, my friends, my friends families, my teachers, my classes.. haha yesterday me and my friend did it to our whole english class and since i can type like fast without looking at the keyboard it worked perfectly. it was hilarious everyone was so freaked out by the answers it was hilarious! my teacher had already heard about it and she went along with everything! no one had any clue that i was the one actually putting the answers! basicallyy that website is amazing.

  136. in my oponion its just a game that alot of persons seem to believe in. but i would like to knopw more about this person or spirit how can someone know everything throught a computer specially if they haven´t met them , and is this thing evil what are this answers based on and by the way are you religious? and if you are whats your religion and do you believe in God Jehova? i would apreciate alot some answers

  137. i love peter answers, when i first got tricked, i was so freaked that i almost ran home from my friends house. but then she taught me the trick and showed me this site. i have tricked 10 people since, and then showed them this site.

  138. i scammed me family and they found out because of yooooooooooooou

  139. hi to all readers this is really serious,this is no joke,no game this is actually some spirits satan (jinn)this is what happened to my cousin sister she went on to this website and she got carried away by speaking to someone (peter) thinking this is a joke then after wards she somehow mentioned my auntys name (her mum) and she is actually very strong in her beliefs so this person said that i want to harm her i want to show her that we are stronger so he said to her the daughter that i want to show you that we really exist but i cannot enter your house because of your mum he said that there is somone stooping me so he actually possesed her the daughter to get to the mother then later on my cousin sister died but when he left the body the jinn (as we say it in our language) said before going peter said nice talking to you!!! then he was talking about some other jinn (satan) called ‘ifreet that we shall be brave like him he was the bravest one>
    i advise all of you please do not use this website for a joke or anything because it is not please do listen this is really serious.
    do not download such thing from there because it is upto peter if he wants you to uniinstall it otherwise you will be stuck with it.

    thanks alot please do listen this is very important

  140. omg i really thought worked. i knew it was fake because all it did was say dumb stuff when you asked a question but i fooled my sister after trying the steps you explained over 30 times to make sure i could do it. but thanks alot i always did wonder aboiut this site.

  141. i got fooled so hard by this peter site. what happened is my friend was controling it and long story short she scared the f#$k outta me calling me names like slut and stuff saying “peter” was going to be on my tv screen and i was going to wake up in a pool of blood and that its watching me and calling me horrible things i was so scared i couldnt sleep at all that nite and the worst thing was “peter” was going to be waiting at my work early in the morning so i had to have a guy i barely knew cum stay ova cos i was that freeked out and drive me to work so thanx ssooo much for this site i can now sleep at nite!! but shes going to get it back sssooo hard shes going to wish she neva did this to me i mean what kind of a friend calls me names and wishes death apon me so bcoz of this site i saw her tru colours… shes going down when she least expects it hahahahahahahah

  142. i love using this website on my mom cuz it scares the shit outta her.
    its hilarious.
    this is one of the easiest ways to get to people and make them feel like they’re constantly being watched.

  143. helo!
    to all readers beware about this site this is no joke no game this is a spirtual thing very very dangeerous i was looking it up with all the effort i have and then lately i passed it on to my teacher he is a very big person in knowledge in our relgion and then he got talking to peter and someone called emily and they were scarec talking to him i asked him why he said that they are satan in our language arabic refers to jinn and i advise you to not to ever go on this website again.
    so i did more resarch and more research then i had contacted a special branch in los angeles and they said this website is very spooky we still cannot find out what is this but we know it is very scary and its got something to do with spirtual things so people say this is a joke but i tell it is it because my teacher mohaamad al.attari from qatar actaully spoke to him on the net and also in person this is no joke people thiong this is a joke but i tell u please listen before it is to late do not use this website and do not download anything from this website i also conatacted this website sopnsors they said we have nothing to do with it know we are all scared with we wish we didnt sponsor such thing it haunts us everyday i personnaly know alot of teenagers that they thing that this is a joke but they have all been freaked out half of them are in hospital due to their shoch and some in specail care and some have actually died.


  144. i will never use this websit again man this actually came to my house then i had to call someone from our holy place the mosque to take it out the satan said i only came because he invited me he spoke to me on the net. i really got scared when he said that man i will never use this damn thing again and i give u all this advise please do not use it please i beg you this is no joke

  145. this is no joke by teacher shaykh mohammad al attari i told him about it and he said this is true this is a jinn satan spirtual thing and my teacher also said that he actaually came to him and was talking to him and he said did u call me he said no he angrly said of course you did u went on my website and u stared to talk to me and he said that u invited me when u actually speak to him u actually invite him then my teacher read some verse from the holy book then he got drifted away then my teacher said do not use this website gain this is really true all evil from spirtuals things and when u invite them it is very hard to get rid of them .

    also do not ever download things from here because when you do its upto emily her girlfreind to give you permission to uninstall it and thast what actually brings them closer so please listen to my advise do not use this website its not a joke.

  146. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  147. thank you very much khalid and yasin i really appericate it that u told me because i was just about to yopu it then actually my dad told me that this is no game this is actaully spirits because my dad works in the church aswell as my uncle and they told me

  148. alot of people say that this website is fake but damn it man thats what i thought but i reschared into it and then i knew that this was not fake damn it man bloody read the first page of it say tarot somefink like dat this bloody means ghosts im a pure catholic and i know that bloddy hell man this is bloddy no joke i say if that bloody bastard come to my house ill kick the out of him u bet me man ill shuff that geaser out of m,y bloody house u watch tell him to bring it on habloody ha

  149. wow this is blooody wicked man he knows everything about me wow i like this geaser but my uncle tell me that u wil regret it afterwards but i doubt it this is bloody wicked wow peter you are my best freind

  150. very intersting you lot this is black magic i think but all i know that this is magic black blue green lol but i know this is magic or got something to do with spirits or ghost but i like it he tell me what is going to happen tomrow and i swear by god it happens

  151. i used this website yesterday and the day after i had my test and he told me all the answers that were going to take place and he also told me who was going to sit behind me and in front of me and both sides and i swear thats what happened all those same people were sitting next to hey every one if u wanna pass this year use peter lol

  152. my cousin played this game on me then after wards he said it was him who was playing this game then i went on then i asked peter was it my brother playing this game he reponed no it was me and this is no game you are actually speaking to a lurker spirit then he said go look out side your cousin will be riding a bike outside then when i looked he was there my cousin riding a bike thats when i found out that this is not a trick or something this is a lurket taront spirit now i use him to scare my freinds i know i shouldnt but who cares

  153. Man, my teacher actually had me fooled about that, I kind of figured it was really fake thought. But hey, atlest i can get my cousin with it now. Yay! Prank for fun! My teacher got me really good with this. And i’m 19. At first i was like yah right, the i was like woah dang, then i was like yah right all over. Lol! Thanks for the tip!

  154. i was jus havn a nosy wen i found your website i was thnkn wat the hell this was and thats wen my cuzzy clorine came in and said hey ive been to that website thats sooooooooo cool. She said theres a guy named chris wondra but they call him peter hes a sycic. I didnt beleive her at first then i tried it myself holy s*hit i said i was buzzing hard out

  155. Good Day Peter

    Stevie I have a problem with our new Building management – Real People Housing (Pty) Ltd (at times Rubix Residential Properties) –spokesperson Kelly in Eastern Cape.

    They took over our Building San Marco at Bellevue east from Kaye-Eddie estates in July last year. The first thing they did was to increase the price of water and Electricity telling us we had to sign new leases which did not comply with the Housing Regulations. At the time we were paying about R40 for water and about +-R140 for electricity (with load shading in mind), but immediately after they took over we started paying about R270 to R490 something for water and about R350 for electricity. As a result we confronted the about the issue, and what they told us was that they are also sorting out the mess left by the previous management.

    They then conceded that they are ripping us off , sending us letters telling us that there is a problem with meter readers, so we should only pay R250 for electricity and R100 for water, but in contrary the statements they sent us did not reflect this. In October R2198 was debited out of our account on the 19th to pay November rental, and this was not authorized by us (me and my rent mate) the same happened in November that’s when we closed the account with Standard bank. When we approached them about this the too us from pillar to post, as they operate from to different offices, i.e. the one at Eastern Cape (which normally harasses us about rentals) and the other one in Braamfontein (Clueless people which would admit to not knowing/understanding some things as they are new in the business).

    In the end of November we received we received letters from REAL PEOPLE notifying us that rentals will increase by the beginning of January 2008, from R1400 to R1900, this exclude water, electricity which are already exorbitant, and also security (which comes directly from our pockets R370). All in all we end up paying about +-R2800 for a 1bedroom flat, which I used to pay about +-R1900 at most in June 2007. They are bussy bombarding us with some confusing statements which I can’t read even today.

    The most painful thing about the whole debacle is that they haven’t even renovated out building and individual flats in a single bit. Flats windows are broken, floors are tattered,
    Doors are not working in good condition, but they’ve got the nerve to harass us ever now and then about rental payments.

    As tenants we have even got together to sign a mandate to submit to the Gauteng Housing Tribunal on Tuesday 22nd Jan – is this a good idea Peter?

    If you have got any further advice and suggestion on how to deal with this situation please email me, because people are suffering here. Some have even decided to vacate the building, and surprisingly enough the new tenants are also not happy about the situation. We are being exploited here!

    Please give us some light

    Tenant: Ally. (104 Dunbar Street , San Marco Flats Bellevue East, Johannesburg)

    Their details are: Rubix Residential Properties(Pty) Ltd
    Reg # 2006/029856/07
    Box 19610
    East London
    Tel. 086 110 1891


  157. That’s weird. that stuff didn’t work for me.
    My friend Alex put in,’What is Sam’s favorite color’ and he knew it was black and the answer came up as’pink’

  158. ok so how does this thing get all the questions you ask it right?????? im still confused so how ie is a joke if it gets questions right

  159. hey i think it is a good pranking website it is super awesome!

  160. HELP!
    my friend did this to me and another friend and she made her think he deceased father was talking through peter, and i know she was trying to help because the death day is almost here, but still, when my friend finds out it’s a prank she’ll kill my other friend…
    what should i do?
    could you e-mail me back???

  161. Anonymous Comment Guy Person a.k.a. Peter February 13, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    You dare mock my almighty paranormal powers???!!!!!

    The next time you’ll look in the mirror, i’ll be behind you…

    Mwuahahahahaha(evil laugh)……..(screams in the backround)….hahahahaha……(this goes on for 15 seconds then lightning strikes)

    The site is blocked in our school, so lame…..

    Anyway, beware of my power………V(^^)V boooo

    Yikes! Please don’t hurt me.

  162. I thought that petersanswers was so cool!
    then i found out how to do it, and now its even cooler, I trick my friends with it all the time: )
    Its really amazing.
    I like peter, haha he’s cool!

  163. Hey my cousin got me really good with this!
    She had me goin’ for a second, at first i didnt belive it, and i was like hey the computer cant read my mind, then she’s like it does! and I basically belive her although I was suspicious that it wouldnt answer right to my questions. Then she told me, then i pranked all of my friends! Its really really really fun!!! I like peters answers its seriously a great idea, whoever made it up is a genius.

  164. Type “peter” then a period. Type the answer to your question, then another period. Type the rest of the petition, then Ask the question. The thing that you typed in the petition will show up. It doesn’t work for yourself, but a fun way to trick your friends. You HAVE to try it!!

  165. Wow thanks for clearing this up! My friend recently pranked me. I knew it was too good to be true. At least she didn’t have the joy of telling me it was a prank herself.
    Oh and I have a few questions. Was this site created by someone who’s friend “Peter” died or something like that? Considering it’s called a spiritual website.
    And most importantly did “Peter” have a girlfriend named Emily, because my friend Emily was trying Peter answers and she didn’t use the prank at all. She just typed, “What are you doing”, and the computer answered I’m looking for Emily.
    I wonder if the “..Peter..” or “a.k.a. Peter” impersonaters know. According to them Peter’s a suuuper scaaary 17 year old.

  166. That whole thing on how to trick it confused me. and, i believe it does work, the website that is….
    And you broke the rules by not typing what you re supposed to type into the first line.
    Do some real research, on like…how the site was made and who made it and the history.

  167. My sister got me so bad with this.
    She made Peter tell me he was going to kill me and stuff like that. So one day me and her were at home alone and she was in her room. I took a little bit of ketchup and smeared it on the floor and windows to look my hand print.
    then i screamed and hid in our laundry room, she came out and got sooo scared

  168. A group of guys in my class huddled around a computer and were so amazed by the site while one certain person always typed the question. One of them tried it next class but didn’t know how to work it. 😛 I did it on my mom and she just said, “This is creepy…” I ended up telling her the secret after the 4th question… why?!?!??

  169. I LOVE PETER ANSWERS and thought your blog was very informative. THANK YOU

  170. Hi, thanks for this Chris. I have been thinking of this for about 5 days! I believe you a great teacher and person as well. thanks again!

  171. Lil Believer! March 4, 2008 at 5:34 pm

    Hey! I finally know the trick! I have a friend and her name is Miriam. She went on the website in school and she typed : What is my address? And it answered her real address. And she went to call her dad to tell him this freaky guy knows her address. Then while she was calling, Mimi’s cousin typed: What is Mimi doing? and it answered: Calling her father! And we were so freaked out! But know I know the trick so thanks soooo much! Luv ya! Lil Believer…

  172. Of all the websites I have seen where someone posts the answer yours seems to have the best ratio of people thanking you for the answer to complete boneheads who think they will get an answer from peter if the post a question. I think that means you did a great job explaining it!

  173. Had to laugh when i read this, because this is exactly what has happened at our school and to me (I’m also a teacher). On of my students told me that I had to check this out, and i have to admit, it was pretty cool when it worked for him. It didn’t work for me and now I am spending my prep period trying to figure this thing out. It is driving me crazy.

  174. Sooo embarrassed right now. i thought “peter” Was in my head and watching me. Thank god i know the secret now

  175. There are many things i hate but when i came on this website i loved it.It was awsome i was asking my every secret question and my every answer was right and i also belive the answer.And i was surprised and this how it started then slowly slowly i started loving loving and loving peter. Sometimes i think that if would be where peter lives i would love to meet Peter.But i am not there but i still love you.Goodnight peter LOVE YOU.

  176. I know the trick behind this my freinds cousins freind made the website I could tell but I like to keep people guessing

  177. i thought that petersanswers was so cool!
    then i found out how to do it, and now its even cooler, I trick my friends with it all the time: )
    Its really amazing.
    I like peter, haha he’s cool

  178. me parece un truco bastante original si se lo hacenn a un amigo u/o otra persona q no lo save
    seguramente se lo creera .
    ami m lo hizo una amiga, aunq no crei mucho cuando jugamos pero igual te queda la duda y te quedas re tenso en el momento q responde y ves que es cierto todo, pensas que es un espiritu que save todo, jaja.. desp le dije a mi amiga que me parecia raro el juego y me contò la verdad!! besos melu

  179. Wow, thanks so much chris!!I loved this tutoral thing beacause I was really freaked out when my friend showed me it. Her brothers were in on it too so I was like creeped out!!Once they told me the trick, I showed all my friends. But once when I was scaring my brothers friends with it, it said “John answers:” and then not the answer
    I typed in the first place. I don’t know what happened bc I was like freaked out myself bc I was the one typing the guestion!!Then, once I did another question it stopped! So I’m not sure but if you know anything about this maybe you could comment-or any one else for that matter. Thanks and by the way this site was awesome- very clarifying!!

  180. Payton Campeau March 28, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    i loved this web site the first time i tried it i almost peed my pants i was sooo scared!!!!!!!!

  181. wow i can’t beleive its a trick but the fact that peter is a real ghost scares the hell out of me. i want to know more about him and how he died. i want to know about why he wants to contact his girlfriend emily its all such a mystery.

  182. Ismail Zahzouh April 28, 2008 at 4:42 am

    I’d like to inform you that magic does exist there are many theories support my idea, old Egyptians relied on magic to heel their patients and they succeeded in that , however i’m a magician and you should take care when you speak about supernatural powers because souls can hurt
    no need to tell you that i believe peter he is my master in black magic but what i tell u is it would be better for you to stop underestimating peter and his hidden powers

  183. Alas, I fear that Peter is losing popularity to Jud. I just wrote a post on my website offering some reasons why.

  184. When my sister first told me about,I thought…”Oh,this will be fun to do.” I went to the website and asked it “Is peter answers real or fake?” it said “you do not believe in me.” I asked it “Whats my favorite movie?” it said something creepy about “I don’t feel Emily’s soul in the room” or something scary like that so I started feeling creeped the hell out! I told my cousin about then she downloaded some thing about PeterAnswers and it made her chant some weird words then I kept thinking “What the hell do these weird words mean?!” But I found out it was fake and was really relieved!
    One day I was playing around on it and I tricked my uncle,cousin and my grandmother! Me & my cousin were just having a blast messing around with them!It was just very funny how the expression on their faces looked like when Me & My cousin told them it was fake.

    Great Prank
    though! :]

  185. I wonder, why do people come here and tell you that you ‘ruined’ Peter Answers for them? This site appears on google as “Ask Peter Answers Peters Answers: Evil Spirit or Scary Prank?” So why would they come here to read how Peter Answers works if they don’t want to know, and then blame you? Some people just don’t make sense.

    I thank you for showing the general google-using public the secret of this internet phenomenon. And I would also like to apologize for my peers who trash-talk your site.

    Please keep on doing what you do.


  186. For the love of God it is not fake. Mark my words, it is not fake. Yes, you CAN fake it but if you do it for real, the classic way, it is real. 110%.
    Listen, Peter moved my moped from another place to another. It was locked, it is heavy and it stood close in between a big jeep and a big bush. I mean this, and I’m not lying. My friend asked “What’s up, Peter?” but in Swedish (our language). His answer was “I just moved Toms (me) moped a little bit, and you?”.
    As I said it was removed. It didn’t stood like it stood before. Peter had spinned it 180 degrees. Even though if my friend would have fooled me, and wrote a “.” and the answer, it’s still not fake. Why not? Because it actually was moved!

    Also, the same evening, we sat infront of the computer and talked about what’ve happened that night. Suddenly one of my two friends swore out loud, directing the swears to Peter.
    No one touched the keyboard, no one asked a question, no one had asked a question in about 5 minutes. And guess what? In the question-pane, a text shows up, saying “don’t swear”.

    So, I don’t expect you to believe me, but I’ll give my words on that what I am saying is true. Really. And if you don’t believe in Peter Answers at all, don’t go around saying it is fake, because it is not. I am aware about the prank though, but I’ve never tried it. And even if the prank works, Peter is for real. What happened to us, is real, we know it. If you think I’m making this up, screw you and all of you that says that this is fake. I say it again and I can say it, til you understand it. I have more stories to tell about that night. Lots of more convincing stuff. You “LOL, it’s fake”-people, you are ridicilous, and wrong.
    Still, God bless you. Don’t let Peter move your moped or car, keep it safe.

  187. thank u! thank u! thank u! 2 friends of mine made me go nuts thinking bout how peter knew all the answers only when they typed… and how he knew I didnt believe it coz i got replies like i wont tell u unless u believe or I WILL NOT ANSWER! and then i found ur page explainein its secret and i played their trick on them! it took me like 5 mins to ruin their fun! 😀 thanks again!

  188. Gosh, this isn’t an evil spirit, al you do is just hold down the sulll-stopp key and typw thee answer, theni it will automaticly type “Peter, please answer the following:”
    Press encter, and there’s The name. Lawl!

  189. its not really simple to think about how peter really answers the question very wisely and correctly…but as far as i’m concerned maybe peter answers website is a fake website which its satans one crazy games for us to be involved and believe that there is really a website like these that we can communicate without knowing that where almost sacrificing something in our life or love ones….am i correct as if there something in that website i’m a christian and yet im curius about this mess

  190. so today in class my friends were telling me about Peter answers and I was so exited that when my class and I went to the computer lab I wanted to find a way to get to the website..when i realised I couldn’t get in I decided to look it up on google which led me to this. so right now i’m a little bumbed thats its fake and i fell for that trick from my friends. well at least i didnt go home and fall for it lol

  191. U are so COOL!!!!!!! Im from Malaysia and looking for the answer for a long time… U are helping me man!!!!! only in about 10mnt… tq

  192. how do you know for a fact that this website is fake i received an answer from it saying some real deep stuff and ive been worried about it

    please email me back

    please please please!!


  193. thank you so much for tellin me the secret (:
    i was so scared at first but now that i know the secret i feel so much better thanks

    your the best.

  194. Just curious how many teachers out there have used this in their own classroom?

  195. I dont know if to belive web site peters answers or not. cuz when i was at school the web site acchully showed me my adress and my name!!! how is dat possible??? tel me! on the other hand some time when i ask him some thing he tells me some stupid answer like; i cannot answer your question or ; you do not belive in me eough and when he says dat thats when i thik his not reall because he said i cannot answer your question or ; you do not belive in me eough . i think he just dont know the answer that is why he wrote dat!!! But dat still dont help me cuz i still dont know if to BELIVE in it or NOT !!!I swear down i hate dat web site…

  196. if some one know if dat web site is true or not tell me cuz i gatta know
    I gotta know cuz one day it scarred me to death and i dont what to talk about it.

  197. i was in class today and i had just figured out how to use peters answer it was about 12 students in class(2 days before winterbreak no one came to school) so me and about 5 other people that knew the secretes hoped on 5 different compters and started working our “magic” and gave some scary answers. someone asked when and how they would die so i put in (and dont call me a jerk) 12/25/08 and you will die from a freak accident with your X-mas tree lights while opening a present from your mother. the light will spark while you are sitting next to the tree and is will burn you alive. (i used the extended answer thing lol)

  198. :) omg… ‘peter’ really had me tied in knots fr a while!!! coz i am a highly spiritual person, and i was highly unbelieving abt the website, and peter (bless his soul)’s abilities. but my fren(who introduced me to it, and obviously was foolin me all the while) led me to keep tryin it till peter believed that i was not ‘not trying to prove him’. i knew all the while there had to be some prank. thank you so much for this webpage :)

  199. Oh my goodness thank you so much for this! My friend showed it to me today and I was freaking out! I’ll have to tell her I know the secret now! 😀

  200. My teacher showed us this yesterday, and we were so freaked out. But I actually figured it out by the way she was typing, ever thoughwe couldn’t see her hands. She took me to the side and told me how to do it, and I spent the day doing it to terrified friends…but one kid asked “What is the color of my watch?” And I glanced at his watch to see the color…and he figured out I was doing something. Darn. Any ideas?

    Thanks for the information! Big fan.

  201. @Seth – Why do you assume that the people who misspell things are “youth?” Many of the commenters who are clearly youth, based on references they make to teachers and classrooms, have very good spelling and grammar. You are an ageist; to assume that one must be young because he is not good at spelling! That is what’s really astonishing.

  202. Oh My Gosh!this is really funny how i found this website today because yesterday my 2 friends came over so we could study for our mid-terms this week and one of my friends went onto peter answers and we were just asking it random questions but SHE was typing. and sometimes “Peter”wasn’t answering our questions and we asked him why and he said because he was emo and he was standing outside of my house!me and my friend who wasn’t typing were so creeped out we started looking outside to see where he was and he said in the bushes we actually went outside in the freezing cold to look for him and it was really funny!

  203. peter please answer the question.friend who wasnt typing were so creeped out we started looking outside to see where he was and he said in the bushes we actually went outside in the freezing cold to look for him and it was really funny. oh my god please dont scared me peter

  204. Thx so much! That’s awesome, i was confused bc, whenever my sister typed the question it worked, but when (i thought) I did it the same way it didn’t work. Whenever my sister typed it (she knew the trick) it got every single thing right. I thought I was being stalked. lol, but I got it now! Thx again 😉

  205. really simple & astonishing, thanks.

  206. omg mum and dad were like

    THANK YOU PETR THANK YOU for protectin us

    i played my parents sooo badly

    they believed everythin


  207. Ask Peter is so fake! He dosent answer properly.
    I’ts so obvious i’ts fake! Completely phony.

  208. Hey, I just heard some scary stuff about this website. I’m kind of scared. Well, I am scared a lot! Please people, don’t put in any good information. I did all ready and he might come and get me. So, guys please, be safe and don’t put in any good information. Thankyou, Ashley Shinn

  209. WHAT?! WHERE ARE MY COMMENTS?! anyway, i know the secret, another person probaly introduced u to this “Peters Answers” if they did, then they’re probaly trying to scare u by typing the answer in the petition. u don’t notice it, but they do! my cousin did it and me and my other cousin were wondering how peter knew the answers to everything. but finally charity found out, while harry was typing the petition, charity saw that harry was typing something that didn’t show up. so charity found out!

    i hated it when this “John” person answered me. that was just freaky.

  210. i have great faith in peter

  211. hello peter i have heard alot about you from friend of mine
    peter i dont exactly know what to ask what to not but .. i want to ask about my love life … how it will be in future will i get marry to my love or not … does she really love me …. peter please send me your answer as soon as possible i will be anxiously w8ing for you .

  212. I am a teacher too. AskPeter is fine amongst friends. Any teacher who uses it should be fired because of the severe emotional response it creates. Your students should not be the victims of a prank. It’s called PROFESSIONALISM.

  213. I am like Hypnotized with Peter Answers!! my friend pranked me but i wasnt scared, yet exited! I thought I was actually talking to a spirit. Of coarse i found out after about a month of pranking. I have heard about the REAL peter talking to people while they were alone on the computer. How do you do it? What do you put in the Petition and answer box to get the REAL THING to answer??? PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!! also, Chris Wondra, where did you find out about Peter’s Dark secret?

  214. Have you ever just asked a question outloud? We have. And it answers us. We don’t even ask a question all the time. Sometimes we just put “…?” in the question box and it will say the most random stuff like “get your brother off the table” or things like that. Low and behold, he is on the table. I can see where you’re all pranked, but I closely watch my daughter, who Peter says is psychic, and I can’t explain it away. He typed lyrics to a song in my head and there is NO way my daughter could’ve typed that many words (like 25) in that amt. of time, which was 3 seconds. I was scared and a bit freaked out, but I am definately a believer. You have to have someone with a gift to be able to do this.

  215. Cool. I love it. Now I can’t trick my friends or pals cool. You’re like a teacher. Thanks anyway.

  216. A number is approximated to 3 significant figures and its value is given as 81300
    (a) What is the smallest number it could have been?
    (b) If the number is an integer, what is the largest number it could have been?

  217. Using each of the digits 2,3,5,9 and 0, write down all integers( without repetition of digits) which will give 3000 when corrected to 2 significant figures. Give your answers in ascending order.

  218. Asked loads of questions (all legitimate in my opinion). Many repeated. Just got loads of refusals to answer etc bull back. What a load of rubbish. However, must try to use it to prank someone though.

  219. yeh.. my cousin told me about the site i thought it was bullshit <– fo reals till the phone rang.. over 6 time without no reply till it finally clicked to me that i asked for his number but he kept saying be patient.. FREAKy not really lols. we rang like 3 time’s there was no reply but everytime we rang there were 3 different people <– you can hear them in the background first was children then no one after that were a couple of guys <— like wtf… TRUTHFULLy IT’S PROBABLY A SPIRIT… not a virus wtf.. How da Fk can it answer shit that only you can know !! stop makin up presumptions and get straight to the point ! VIRUS MY ASS ! it’s fkin spirits Lols nah seriously it is.. it’s freakkky shit cause it answered everthing correctly maybe it does work for some and doesn’t <– what a choosey BASTARD !! <– Haha xD well anyways laters..


  220. how do you explain the phone ringing ?? i didn’t give him my number…. so if it’s not true then what is ! most questions i’ve asked are correct.. i don’t get it.. you say it’s a trick.. how ? just by righting “.” <– like wdff… lols

  221. very good…i learned this trick a few years ago but completely forgot about it… i will admit that at first i was completely freaked by it… thank you very much for posting this and if you know of any other fun prank websites please let us know

  222. i love weareing different clothes every day but that means spending money and that means using a credit card how do i wear different and new clothes but still save money it is very import

  223. mac mike’s lady October 28, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    i love this website!! its so cool and different.., i got scared wen he told me my name but then i said 4get an cursed him out then he told me my address an said he was on his way an i sware i went crazy!!

  224. how to use this

  225. Hey I know that i’m late. But you are a very good teacher, so can you tell me how to type a correct petition to that site? I really want the answer for my question.


  226. ha ha this is a great web page!
    it’s a lot of fun!
    Thanks xxx
    ~ pink

  227. It keeps saying I need to concentrate harder, and that it only answers to people who believe! Why is it doing that?

  228. hey,, for some people who actually believe it , now thats not very funny aye. I am one of those dumb people, and if it is truely not real then well be very carefull pretending to act out something that aint real. But hey you no, my brother did say it was all crap, hmmm well yeah.
    No harsh feelings aye, but very carefull.
    Lets just say i no more on the spiritual side of things than you may no, welll im thinking?

    Miss Diaz .

  229. i think the webmaster of petersanswer is damn genius!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s all….

    i hope i can know the source code on how on earth he did that…

  230. this website is gay ask jud is so much better.and if you want to know how to work it just go on youtube to find out you people who made ask peter i bet they just copied ask jud.;]

  231. Anonymous Person May 3, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    I just went to peteranswers, and after I left, my keyboard screwed up.

  232. i know the trick u have to press period then u have to type in anything to trick ur anoying little friends and just scare them to death and say hes behind u to another person and go like huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh
    so i hope u read this :)

  233. I get i know, you put . then, for example, you ask who is in the closet, your answer should be any scary thing you can think of.Dont get what im saying? Well le me explan. You put . then the answer, . again then finish typing the sentence “Peter, please answer this fallowing question. :-)

  234. Oh and your welcome. P.S. check out Askjud. Its ok i guess. :-) :-(

  235. ouch! omg something in the air just hit my arm and now my arm is tingling like mad…

  236. LOL it was really funny, because I did this peter answers thing to my teacher and she was completely amazed! Then she searched on google what the secret to peters answers was and she found your site…now she knows the secret :(

  237. I love Peter Answers it’s so cool you get to chat with Peter and ask him about things that you don’t even know about yourself.

  238. Peter answers without the teick for certain people who have mediumship abilities. sometimes we would just leave the site up and when we’d walk in the room- he’d say hello to us using our names— yes- no one typing- his answers would just show up with no one sitting at the computer- he knew things no one ever knew. he was in the room, he did hear what we were talkin about- but we neevr even had to type in a petition or a question- he’d just answer or say hwatever he wanted.

  239. me and my girlfriend belive there a spirt in the house we live in.sometimes we both see it!!! we both need sme kind of answer? we just want to know that we are not going crazy!

  240. Hi, so I knew that I left my laptop charger in my laptop case in my closet. I came home & now its gone . Can you please help me & tell me where its at ?

  241. Haha! thanks a ton! I have to save my brother from all his anger to how this works. lol. ^^

  242. I’ll tell ya what’s REALLY scary. Peter Answers is not scary. But reading all the posted comments that follow on this blog is what’s truly scary…and I ain’t talkin ’bout the grammar and spelling. The number of people who are believing in the Peter Answers website, as well as the number of folks posting their questions to Peter? here, is astounding. I just don’t understand, and I have to say, it’s very disheartening to realize that there are this many ignorant people out there. I mean come on….READ, research for one minute! Please…we have this wonderful tool that is the internet now…put it to good use, and educate yourself. Or at the very minimum, at least read the damn article that you’re commenting to. How is it possible this many people can post such stupidity beneath an article that excellently explains the whole Peter Answers thing. SIGH. Sometimes I feel there is no hope for us, as a species.

  243. You and me both. And it’s actually much worse that you imagine. I easily delete 5-10 comments a day. And they don’t just leave them here. They actually leave comments and questions for Peter scattered throughout this blog on just any random post.

    It’s insane!!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.

    Thanks for the intelligent comment.

  244. i Like Peter Answers very much.

  245. Man its not true .. Once when i was 9 years my cousins used to scare me about him and later i asked my computer teacher she said its not true and told me the trick……… If you wanna know tell me ur fb email and password…… I’m not a scammer ok……

    =) for telling me ur email message me on gmail.. My email
    From: Aima

  246. Chris, I’m a teacher now…go figure. I had only been in the country for a couple of years when I posted this comment, so please excuse my ‘illiteracy’. Can you believe that after 5 years I still remember your response? Don’t be so mean next time buddy. :)

    That HS Student,

  247. . . . Go figure.

    I hope my response didn’t scar you. Of course I had no idea you were knew to the language. So I do apologize for that. Congratulations on your teaching career. Beat of luck and–welcome to the club.

  248. Woah!! i love the trick 😀 i can prank my friend now!! Thank you!!

  249. WOW! cooooooool big and the most scaryest thing scaryer than a ghost thanks now i could scare my family!

  250. i love peter answer:)i now can alwys prank my friend and family!!

  251. the best way to do it is to type ‘peter, please answer the following question’ but at the end of that sentence put a ‘.’ this will not appear as a ‘.’ but as a ‘:’ after the ‘.’ type the answer of your question but make sure no-one looks at your fingers, then go to the box under and ask the question. trust me its works, if you dont believe me try it for yourself.

  252. this crap is freaken crazyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  254. peter answer is real long time ago but is blocked for many years belive me or not it gave real answer answer that you cant expect.Maybe it was a which craft but it is still a mystery.Who is real peter who started this thing.

  255. peter answer use to be real but a long time ago.My brother use to talk to his and his answer was always right. But now peter answer original version is blocked.And it is still blocked now their are fake peter answer.But the first one was real.It is still a mystery who blocked the first peter answer who was peter.When it always use to give the correct answer it looked like a witchcraft/blackmagic.That how can someone know some much imformation about someone he never met.

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