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 Let’s face it, some people think better in pictures.

They think with their eyes.

For the most part, I am not one of them. But I still think visual literacy is pretty cool. I wrote a longer post on this topic and offered up a couple of tools here.

Today I’d like to share another little gem I found. Think of it as a visual thesaurus for writers looking for just the right word. Or a help for teachers trying to differentiate their instruction when teaching new concepts, terminology, or vocabulary.

Visuwords™ is an online graphical dictionary where a person can look up words to find their meanings based on associations and relationships with other words and concepts.

For each word, the software at the site will produce a diagram similar to a mind map or neural net.

Just one bit of quick advice if you visit the site. Be sure to type your word in lower case. Don’t capitalize anything. It’ll come back with a blank diagram. So keep everything in lowercase–and have fun!

But enough talk. What would a post about visual literacy be without some pictures?