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I haven’t found many notes this year for some reason. But when I do, they’re almost always amusing.

Found these two today:

Fine I will give you your leo bacfk on Monday. But first what did I say if I was talking about you. And someone. . . I’m not saying who but they told me that K___ said that I said that you were flat. And I don’t talk about you bad. O and by the way I’m not . . . or wasn’t using you. Cause if I was using you I would be nice to your face. So yeah


Hey M____ Hon,

I love your hair, you look good as a brunette! ha ha. Yeah, so I hope I can get MSN. I really want to. Just my mom won’t let me get on our regular comuter so yeah. My Aunt might have a modem. So I can get the internet, so yeah. I feel bad for you, B____ and everyone just needs to leave you alone, you didn’t do anything to her, but just remember, I’ll always be there for you no matter what. I don’t care.