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. . .like maybe this guy.

Because if you’re not, I’ll guarentee you couldn’t care less. Only read this if you’re absolutely sure you have nothing better to do.

Come to think of it, even if you are a VLAR (very loyal and alert reader), you probably don’t care about what’s to follow. In fact if, in the past few days, you’ve found yourself upset, put out, or in any other way inconvenienced by what’s been going on here at Chris Wondra . com . . .um . . .you should probably figure out a way to move out of your parents’ basement and get a life (no offense).

So with that said . . .

Dear Loyal Readers:

Just a quick note by way of apology/explanation. Again, only to VLARs though, especially feed subscribers (you know who you are), because these are the sorts of irritating blog thingys that only VLARs would notice.

First: Blogging offenses committed by Chris Wondra (that’s me):

  • No recent posts.
  • The blogroll’s gone
  • And finally, somebody’s dog got out. . .

  • Categories disappeared
  • No more Top Posts
  • Or Calendar
  • No archive page (worse yet, there’s a link to an archive page that craps out to an “Easy Tiger, this page is 404”)
  • A few broken links—fewer and fewer as time goes on though. It would be great if you’d alert me to any more you may find
  • Other dumb and broken things like no stats and other egomaniacal things that only I would care about.
  • And finally, somebody’s dog got out and it’s running loose around the header images. Beware: It seems to take great joy in mooning people. I think the best thing to do here is ignore it. Don’t encourage it. I’m hoping it will just get bored and go back home. Other header images that have nothing to do with me, this blog, or any of the posts are also floating around unchecked.

Secondly: Lame excuses offered up by Chris Wondra

So why is all this happening?

Well, I’ve taken some steps lately in order to gain a little more flexibility and power (mwahahaha) over my blog. ‘Course this now means I have to do a lot of other little things that, quite frankly I have no idea how to do. Webmaster things.

So, the bottom line here I guess is that I appreciate your patience as I grope my way blindly through some of these issues. I am learning. I’ve learned a ton already. Thanks for your patience. Don’t give up on me.

And check back often! Lots of new and interesting things are just around the corner.

Thanks again for visiting! This whole blogging experience has been incredibly rewarding and exciting for me. Thank you all for continuing to swing by for a quick read, and a comment now and then.

More to come.