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On being a superhero

The subhead for this blog reads “School teacher, dad, homeowner turns superhero but has to learn his powers along the way.”

Lately I’ve had a weird sort of feeling about that.  Like I’m supposed to explain what it means or something.  And since, in my own mind, that would be a lot of work and I’m lazy, I’ve been thinking about just changing it.

I mean, it doesn’t really make sense, does it?  Do I really think I’m all that superheroish?  Better than?


Yeah, we’re corny nature lovers


Remember when I said we were a little quirky? Well, I really wasn’t kidding. These signs are on a little road within the city of St. Croix Falls. It’s a road that services homes and traffic tucked between the school district and the industrial park.

On this road is a little pond.

On the pond, obviously are some ducks, and geese, and other wet loving creatures. But we particularly like ducks . . . and snowmobiles.


This sign needs a fresh coat of paint, but it should read, “Tame (not lame) ducks on road. Please don’t hit them.”


This is a structure our most loyal duck lovers have built on the pond. Obviously geese don’t read.


On death (so to speak)

Just a quick post here to let y’all know I’m still alive. We’ve had hell of a time around here lately–little taste of just about everything life (and death) can toss at you.

Plenty of fodder for reflection on all fronts. You know–the big stuff. And even a hint of delicious irony to top it off. Some of it will eventually trickle into this blog, I’m sure. It’s really too good not to. (more…)

Peter Answers and Igod: Artificial Intelligence Logs In to the Spirit World

Chat bots: Artificial Intelligence Links Us to The Big Guy (and other interesting personalities)

First it was, then it was Ask Jud, now my students are hooked on igod. I’m all for 21st century skills, shrinking the world with electronic dialog, better opportunities for learning and all that—but this is getting ridiculous.God Online