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How’s That Connection?

Managing relationships, is kind of like using a cell phone.

People who frequently do know where to get the best connection– where the signal is clearest–and they know where it’s not. An avid cell user can even tell you what the reception will be like without even turning the phone on. Geography, geology, meteorology all blend subconsciously into instinct.

The cell user learns because it’s important to them. It’s significant. It works that way for anything. You learn when you pay attention.

So a question worth asking, I think, is, “Where do I get the best connection with the people who are important to me?”

If you want a good connection–if it’s important to you–you simply have to do two things:

  1. Pay attention–where do you get the strongest signal?
  2. Go there.

The past couple of days I found that sweet spot, so I just pulled over and parked the car. Five bars baby.

The past couple of days I found that sweet spot, so I just pulled over and parked the car. Five bars baby.

There are posts, indeed entire blogs, where writers yammer on about their personal lives/dramas/issues/interests etc . . .without ever adding any value for anyone other than the author and maybe a few select significant others.

Fair warning: What follows might be just that.

I say “might be” because if you stick with me, I’ve also blended in a few fun links to:

  • somebody who really knows how to play,
  • the best chef/cook/caterer I know. He’s not only fearless (he’ll try anything) but he’s sharing what he’s doing and learning along the way,
  • and a brand-spanking-new blog by (what I’m calling) a “Non-Traditional Grandma.” It’s no good visiting today. We just created it last night. But I guarantee, give her a month or two and you’ll love it–especially if you run with a, um . . .more mature crowd.

So anyway, back to the cell phone metaphor. After I parked the car, I got the strongest signal. This is what came through:

We started a frigid Saturday morning (-1 degree wind chill {no I’m not kidding}) with the annual community/Lions Club easter egg hunt. That’s Emma and Nora with the Easter Bunny at the park above.

Cute Kid Story

A couple of days ago we were looking out the window at all the robins and saw a bunny.

“Do you think that’s the Easter Bunny?” We asked Nora.


“Well, why not?”

“The Easter Bunny is dressed up in a big bunny suit.”

Then we came home and decorated eggs:


Followed by a trip to my sister’s house for Fun


An outstanding meal, prepared by hands down the best cook I know.


A little little fun with Peter Answers, and building blogs . . .oh yeah, and drinking wine.


Then Easter Day, we went to church in the morning with Lisa’s parents. They stayed for lunch (nowhere near as good as Nick’s meal above, but still a pretty good roasted chicken. After lunch they stayed for a game of dominoes.


After awhile, Nora and I got bored with the game and decided to have at the Play-Doh. That’s my creation on the right. I love playing /creating with kid stuff. Maybe not as much as this guy, but still.playdoe-guy.jpg