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What’s it called when a blogger starts to write about things that happen on his own blog? Most of the time it’s under a headline like, “How I got 100,000 visitors in 30 days,” or “My Google Adsense Figures,” or something like that. Heck, I’ve even done it once.

It’s like the blog takes on a life of its own so that every once in awhile it’s interesting in and of itself. Is there a name for that?

While this probably isn’t something I’d want to do all that often, I thought this comment was interesting:

It came recently in response to a post I wrote about our experience at a Direct Buy presentation . It comes from John, an alert reader who also happens to work for Direct Buy.

He writes (*paragraph breaks inserted by me):

To be more non bias you might try talking to a person who has used the service for something. You come across as a hard to please jerk in your article here.

I work at a Direct Buy and I can tell you that most people are there for about 2 hours. Some centers get people in and out in about 60 – 90 minutes.

It’s funny that with over 1 million products to choose from from over 800 manufacturers and outside suppliers, you had trouble finding something. I guess with nearly 1 million members maybe one or two of them have had trouble finding something, then again they had more then 3 hours to look for it….they’re members…. they get tons of help.

I would love to meet you and show you what you are missing. I’d even give you a membership for free to let you see the benefits. I’d only ask that when you see how it works and that you will save in many areas, you pay your membership like anyone else. What do you say? E-mail me…. (edited).

Let’s see if you really want the truth, or if you survive off knowing what suits your interests.

I thought that was a pretty accurate and fair comment.

I probably am somewhat of a “hard to please jerk” when making a decisions about what are to me (at this time), large sums of money. Sums of money that I don’t currently have in my bank account. Sums of money that I would have to borrow and pay interest on. Sums of money on which I would be very keen on getting a quick and fair return.

And no, it wasn’t really a non-biased post. That’s a lot of work. I was only hoping to accurately communicate my personal experience.

At any rate, I will be emailing this gentleman in the coming days. I mean, who knows, right?

But it’ll have to wait until I iron out a few more glitches with my new web server. I get an email account with my web page now, which is pretty cool, but for some reason, I can only send emails with it. I can’t receive them. Soon as I get that figured out though, I’ll be blogging and emailing like a rock star.

And we’ll all learn what John has in mind.

I’ll keep you posted.