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Just a quick post here to let y’all know I’m still alive. We’ve had hell of a time around here lately–little taste of just about everything life (and death) can toss at you.

Plenty of fodder for reflection on all fronts. You know–the big stuff. And even a hint of delicious irony to top it off. Some of it will eventually trickle into this blog, I’m sure. It’s really too good not to.

‘Course you’re all going to want to kill me now because I’m not going into any detail. But I’m not so cruel as to leave you with absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.

So here it is in a nutshell. Bottom line. On top of it being just an incredibly busy week domestically, we also had to deal with the two D’s here at the Wondra house.

First–someone very close to us passed away. I actually have lots to say about that–but not now.

Then we learned that another couple very close to us is separating.

Both events are sending ripples through our lives as well as many others who are close to us. Like I said. It was a week to consider the big picture–and find the seed in the ashes. The sprout after the forest fire. The courage to step into the abyss. The willingness to let the old and the past die. The ability to find beauty, and goodness, and light. And the miracle, hope and (I daresay) joy of rebirth.

The Hero’s Journey playing out before my very eyes.

And then, through the muck and the pain and the ick . . . God gives me a knowing nod–and winks at me. No shit.

(Yeah, God, if you’re reading this–I did catch that . . .good one.)

Ugh. I know. You, dear reader, have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. I do apologize. I hate being so . . . ambiguous. But I’m serious about primum non nocere

But I will say this:

For anyone out there struggling with all the crap life throws at you. For anyone thinking:

  • I didn’t deserve this.
  • Life isn’t fair.
  • This totally sucks.
  • Screw it–I’m switching to the Dark Side.


Be patient. Study forgiveness. Let your ego (as defined by Eckhart Tolle) die. Yeah, it’s scary (it’s supposed to be, it’s death, the abyss, duh) but it’s worth it. Because, eventually–you’ll get a wink and a nod. And you’ll understand that yes . . .

Blessed are those who . . .

For they shall be . . .