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The subhead for this blog reads “School teacher, dad, homeowner turns superhero but has to learn his powers along the way.”

Lately I’ve had a weird sort of feeling about that.  Like I’m supposed to explain what it means or something.  And since, in my own mind, that would be a lot of work and I’m lazy, I’ve been thinking about just changing it.

I mean, it doesn’t really make sense, does it?  Do I really think I’m all that superheroish?  Better than?

I mean what’s easier, right?  Creatively digging into my own psyche, searching for the reason I put that up there, and then figuring out a way to communicate that in a simple and (hopefully) entertaining way?  Or just writing a new one.

Not sure to what I’d change it.  Nothing great comes to mind.    

My problem is, in a goofy kind of way, it kind of makes sense to me.  But if I had to tell you why, I’d stumble all over myself.  And there’s this odd sort of dissonance when I can’t explain something as basic as the subhead on my own blog.

Just makes me uncomfortable.

I have this nagging fear that some day, somebody’s going to ask me what the hell it means.  And in all honesty, I’m not sure I could explain it. 

My kung-fu is strong, but . . .

Anyway now I think my problem (big problem ‘eh? wish I had more problems like this one, right?) may be solved, because tonight I found a blogger who’s done it for me.  Or at least come pretty darn close.

So if my subhead has ever given you pause, click on over and read what godsleuth has to say about Your Inner Superhero.

I think she comes pretty close to nailing it.  I just stumbled on her blog tonight, but from what I can tell, it looks pretty good.  She has a good message. 

Her superhero post will inspire you to embrace the hero within and most likely recognize a reserve of strength you might not understand that you have.

Plus, anyone plugging Spiderman is cool in my book.