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Direct Buy: Most Loyal Employees in the Trade?

What’s it called when a blogger starts to write about things that happen on his own blog? Most of the time it’s under a headline like, “How I got 100,000 visitors in 30 days,” or “My Google Adsense Figures,” or something like that. Heck, I’ve even done it once.

It’s like the blog takes on a life of its own so that every once in awhile it’s interesting in and of itself. Is there a name for that?

While this probably isn’t something I’d want to do all that often, I thought this comment was interesting:

Proofread for Spelling? Fuggetaboutit.

I ran across this a few years ago, but it recently resurfaced in my email from a colleague, who had it forwarded from someone else. So apparently it’s still getting passed around.

I’m working on a couple more meaty posts. But this is pretty interesting in its own right:

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Gee, thanks.

You know all those entertainment awards, right? Music, movie, TV, whatever. I wish somebody would get up one day to accept their award with just those two simple words. Maybe smile, hold up the trophy a bit, then:

“Gee, thanks.”

And go sit back down.

Then wouldn’t it be cool if everybody started doing that? What would the networks do with all the extra time?

Because, really—as far as thank-you’s and acceptance speeches, hasn’t it all pretty much been said?

I’ve been kind of putting off this post for just that reason. Of course I’m flattered and grateful and humbled and yadda yadda yadda. But what could I possibly say without sounding like a complete ass?


Easter Renewal


How’s That Connection?

Managing relationships, is kind of like using a cell phone.

People who frequently do know where to get the best connection– where the signal is clearest–and they know where it’s not. An avid cell user can even tell you what the reception will be like without even turning the phone on. Geography, geology, meteorology all blend subconsciously into instinct.

The cell user learns because it’s important to them. It’s significant. It works that way for anything. You learn when you pay attention.

So a question worth asking, I think, is, “Where do I get the best connection with the people who are important to me?”

If you want a good connection–if it’s important to you–you simply have to do two things:

  1. Pay attention–where do you get the strongest signal?
  2. Go there.

The past couple of days I found that sweet spot, so I just pulled over and parked the car. Five bars baby.

The past couple of days I found that sweet spot, so I just pulled over and parked the car. Five bars baby.

There are posts, indeed entire blogs, where writers yammer on about their personal lives/dramas/issues/interests etc . . .without ever adding any value for anyone other than the author and maybe a few select significant others.

Fair warning: What follows might be just that.


Two paths diverged in a yellow wood . . .

Holy smokes do I have a topic backlog. It all comes, I suppose, of eating too much honey . . .wait, er . . . where am I?

Oh, yes. The backlog.

I have really got to figure out a way to post more often. I love doing this. Just don’t have the hours. The frustrating thing is that I’ve got so many freekin’ ideas to peck out that I just can’t get to.

And now, despite my low post rate, I’ve been honored with this (more on that later).

So now I feel like I’m obligated to live up to it, which is good because I started this blog with the intention of delivering quality and hopefully even some value every once in awhile. The award is an excellent reinforcer of that intention. At least one other blogger appreciates the effort–which, truth be told, really kicks ass.

But sometimes you just have to post the quick silly thing–or nothing at all–and not feel guilty or stupid about it. So that’s what I’m doing here today.

There are a couple of signs around town that I think are kind of, um, what’s the word . . .quirky. Every small town has its quirks right?

Here’s an example of one of ours.

Because we do everything we can around here to keep our youth always on the right path:

Two paths diverged in a yellow wood . . .