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I found this recently. The context is pre-vacation for a couple of my students. I’m not sure where they were going together but I remember it being far enough that they needed a plane ride.

I think this list was written by a girl that was staying behind to the girl or girls that were going–if you catch my drift. It’s a list of things to do on the plane and upon arrival, so the title’s a little off.

So here goes. Enjoy it. And then if you like, I couldn’t help but yammer on at the end because, for some reason, the last item triggered the reflective, pseudo-philosophical idiot in me.


Things to do on the plane ride:

  • look out the plane window and think of me
  • Reply to my letter
  • Hug A____’s mom 5 times each
  • H___ hug K____ no matter what
  • (A___) Once off the plane, say really loud to H____, “Do you have any tampons? I really need one right now!”
  • A___ hug K____
  • (H___) Once at the house, sit on the floor in the middle of the kitchen. A__walks up to U and says, “H___, what are you doing?” (two other people have to be in the room) and H___ says, “I’m trying to sense where the girl products in the bathroom are.” (one of the 2 people has to be a guy)
  • During breakfast the next morning you both have to take something of each others food, sniff it and tell each other it’s not poison.
  • Push all the buttons on the elevator
  • That last one made me pause because, as an adult, you know . . .I thought it was stupid. Like Hello–yeah , push all the buttons and stop at every floor. Um . . . what’s so fun (or funny for that matter) about that? From where I’m standing, it’s irritating at best.

    But then I realized, that’s only because I’m all grown up (and sober).

    But I seem to remember–way back, tucked away in some dusty corner of my mind–a time, no a reality where that was/is funny. To think about it now, to think of that reality, that attitude, that way of being (where pushing all the buttons on the elevator would be amusing) is like looking in on another dimension.

    A wrinkle in time where I don’t know so damn much.