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Pretty Windy

Whoever said wind turbines litter the landscape?Energy Plant

This 3-D image won first prize at the AWEA wind power conference recently in Pittsburgh.

“While making this piece, I intended to show the beauty of renewable energy sources,” said creator Aleksandar Rodic.


In recognition of . . .

Party CartoonThis morning, during announcements, I learned that this week we are celebrating/recognizing:

Breast Cancer Awareness

National Bus Safety Week

Red Ribbon Week

National Chemistry Week

National Forest Products Week

I thought that wasn’t nearly enough.  So this week I will also be celebrating on a daily basis:
Today, Monday, Oct. 22: National Nut Day

Tuesday Oct. 23: National Mole Day and Tv Talk Show Host Day

Wednesday, Oct.24: United Nations Day and National Bologna Day

Thursday, Oct. 25: Punk for a Day Day and World Pasta Day

Friday, Oct. 26 National Mincemeat Day

So, please try not to bother me–I’ve got a lot of decorating to do.

Volvo’s Overseas Delivery Program Means Travel To, From, and Within Europe is (almost) ABSOLUTELY FREE!

A mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension.”—Oliver Wendell HolmesVolvo novelty shop

This summer, my family and I had the opportunity to take a trip of a lifetime. The 1st of July, we packed the whole gang, along with Lisa’s parents, into a Scandinavia Airlines 747 and traveled for three and a half weeks in Denmark.

‘Course the problem with a “trip-of-a-lifetime” is that once taken, your brain picks up things. The trip stretches you. You learn things. You might even become a bit savvy. And having done it once, you can’t help but begin to work out how you might do it again—which, of course, means that the whole idea of the trip becomes less “once-in-a-lifetime-ish” and more “let’s-do-this-again-ish.”

The tricks you learn along the way the first time around, make the second trip all the easier.

Today I want to share one of those tricks, because this is one of those almost “too-good-to-be-true” deals. If you’re considering a trip to Europe anytime in the near or even distant future, you need to know about this.

Because learning about the Volvo Overseas Delivery program is pretty cool. But experiencing it completely blows your mind. (more…)

The Superhero Quiz: Finally, a personality test that’s real.

super.jpgAs we move forward in this age of rapid communication, personality testing and identification becomes more and more critical. In order to better communicate with others we need first to understand what type of people we are. To meet this need, there seems to be a dramatic increase in the number of personality tests available. Indeed, with these sophisticated psychological tools, you can learn all kinds of things about yourself and how you best fit into the mix.

Recently, however, I’ve become skeptical. I mean, c’mon; can a list of questions and numbers really add up really add up to enlightenment?

Like I said, I had my doubts. That is, until I found The Superhero Quiz

Forget the Multiple Intelligences. Forget Emotional Maturity. Forget IQ.  Nevermind Rorschach.  Now I have some information I can use.

My results:

The Superhero Quiz

As you might imagine, I am not all together pleased.

I mean, Superman? Yawn. I’d rather be a little darker, more mysterious. Yet according to the results, I’m closer to being Supergirl than Batman. I should have rated the importance of gadgets higher.

At any rate, it’s obvious I need to work on my dark side.

So, as long as I was at it, I figured a good place to start might be The Superhero Quiz’s alter ego–The Super Villian Quiz.

My results:

My Super Villian Results:  Dr. Doom

Not bad. I can live with being a Dr. Doom. I guess he’s pretty cool. Not sure what to think of that “vanity” thing but I can examine that issue in more depth at my next counseling session.

Which reminds me . . . I’ve been meaning to do a little follow-up. Shortly after posting this cool picture of a superhero I created all by myself, Jeff Herbert, an alert reader who also (as luck would have it) just happens to be the creator of Hero Machine, left this comment:


Glad you liked it, Chris, I hope you had as much fun creating your character as I did creating the program.

One thing, though, you’d be better off using the full version on, the only licensed site for hosting HeroMachine, as it has all the latest items and expansion units in it. The one at MarvelC is not authorized, they just kind of ripped it off from me without asking, and they won’t take it down. People!

Jeff Hebert
HeroMachine creator

Obviously I rushed right over to check it out. Jeff”s right (of course). This site totally ROCKS! They even have a couple of versions of the Hero Machine that you can choose from, including Rock Star Edition, and Real Life Edition, which I used to nurture my villainous vanity and create this strikingly accurate image of (you guessed it) me.

Mr. Chris Wondra

What? You don’t think so?