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birth seedToday, I’d like to proudly introduce you to the project that I feel like I’ve been giving birth to for the last couple of weeks:
Think Thank Thunk (found at my humble attempt at a blog specifically written and designed for parents and teachers. It’s still a bit under construction, but I thought I’d offer you up a sneak peek before I put on the finishing touches and begin promoting it through other channels.

Loyal readers will immediately recognize many of the articles that I used to initially populate the site. But obviously there’s much more new stuff to come.

I’ve been blogging now for just about a year and a half, and it’s been quite a trip–from the wordpress community, to an independent blog on a shared server, to running ads and actually making a few bucks. It’s been fun. But I’ve struggled from the start with my focus. Indeed, despite understanding that focusing on a tight niche is a smarter way to build an audience, I resisted that approach–mostly because I couldn’t narrow it down. And I didn’t want to. There are all kinds of topics in this blog: from parenting to finance to consumer reports to teaching to just silly stories or blurbs about whatever.

And I’m glad I did it that way.

And I am amazed to look at my stats and see that I’ve had now close to 1.5 million hits. I’m amazed and thrilled when I look at my adsence account and see that this blog has generated close to $4,000 in the 12 months I’ve been running ads from Google. Really, when a regular chump like me can do stuff like that–what an exciting time to be alive!

This blog–and others like it–undoubtedly have a place and serve a purpose both for the blogger and his or her readers: Collaboration, community, sharing valuable information, and solving problems together. Being a part of all that thrills me to no end.

This blog will live on. There is just way too much in this world to write about. But as a writer and a professional, I thought it was time for me to take the next step. That’s all. I have no idea where it will lead.

The basic seeds for Think Thank Thunk or came a long time ago when I was “thinking” about writing a consistent column type of thing for my local paper. But because I struggled narrowing my focus, that idea never really got off the ground. Now, however, since I’ve started my Masters last fall, I’ve begun to realize just how much fascinating information exists (and is indeed being discovered) that parents and teachers can use to make their (as well as their children and students’) lives better.

And it really turns me on!

So click on over, take a look around, leave a comment here or there on the site, and let me know what you think! Then stop by often. My hope is to update something at least twice (hopefully 3 times) per week.

Hah! And you thought I’d just been sitting around picking my nose the last few weeks.