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There are 114 posts here at Chris Wondra . com discussing a myriad of different topics–non of which have anything to do with baseball. That’s about to change.

For a number of reasons beyond wins and losses, beyond geographical allegiances, beyond media coverage, or experiences at the ballpark–I am a die hard Twins fan. And despite the fact that I’ve only caught a few games on TV, this has been a very fun year to be a Twins fan.

If you know baseball, you know what I’m talking about. If not I could go on for pages and pages about all the different interesting stories related to this season that have very little to do with this team’s remarkable (and relative) success.

One of those stories is that for all practical purposes, the regular season is over–all 162 games–and we still don’t know if the Twins or the White Sox are division champs. It’s neck and neck, so the White Sox are forced to play a make up game tonight. If they loose, the Twins are champs. If they win, they force a one game playoff on Tuesday night.

Now (finally) to my point–and just another reason I’m a Twins fan.

As you might think, the players and coaches are a little on edge. You might think they’d have a very close eye on what the White Sox are doing. The following is from an article today at Sports Illustrated and quotes Ron Gardenhire, the Twins manager:

On Sunday, of course, players and coaches had the AL Central race in their faces all day, courtesy of the auxiliary scoreboards that refreshed constantly with White Sox updates. But Saturday provided the real toughie, in terms of Gardenhire following along at home vs. staying cool and detached from the later Chicago-Cleveland game at U.S. Cellular.

‘I got home and found my daughter’s cat on the kitchen table with a piece of chicken he shouldn’t have had,” the skipper said. “The cat just had surgery, too, and nobody else is home. [Hitting coach] Joe Vavra calls to tell me what’s going on in Chicago and I said to him, ‘Joe, I really don’t care. Here’s a cat that’s just had surgery, he’s got a cone on his head, he’s up on the table and he’s got a piece of chicken.’ ” Disaster was averted, though. The cat is fine and, for at least a couple more days, the Twins are OK.