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Bail out game

It’s a big picture I know. But it’s a big game! And I wanted you to see sort of what it looks like.

You’ve heard of armchair quarterbacks, right? Well how about armchair Treasury Secretary?

The Bailout Game is a very cool, interactive, multimedia, online game in which you are given a dump truck load of money to distribute to whoever you think you need to in order to save the economy.

But you only have so much money, so who gets a bailout and who doesn’t? Try it out and watch how your decisions affect what happens. What makes this game even cooler is that it’s loaded with real video and flash graphics that just, well . . . it’s hard for me to do this justice it’s so slick.

A recent post at Freakonomics Blog likened it to “Guitar Hero for armchair central bankers.”

Let me just say that this is neat. Check it out. I don’t play video games (on-line or otherwise), but this is very cool. It blew me away. And I bet I’ll learn something too.