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As I mentioned here, the Primerica discussion has been a very healthy one on this blog. I’d like to thank all of those who have contributed so thoughtfully and respectfully. That’s classy, and it’s a testament to the type of readers who take the time here to share their knowledge with the rest of us.

This next article was graciously submitted by another with direct experience working with the Primerica opportunity. It is, as you will see, very different from the one found here. My hope is that by sharing both stories, you, the reader and researcher can come to a determination about what you are looking for and feel good about your decision.

So without further ado:

The Primerica Opportunity


This is the first of an ongoing series of articles in regards to Primerica Financial Services (PFS), and the opportunities, products, agents, and more that so many are clamoring for information on. The ground rule I am setting for myself is that I will not use this series as a personal recruitment tool. To that end I will use a pen name (CCLEADER), and will not provide to anyone my contact information. I will be as informational as possible, and will try to keep my bias to a minimum.

I will use forthrightness when answering questions, and will accompany my answers with my philosophy. It will not always be in lock step with some of the rhetoric you might have been exposed to in other blogs, etc.

My PFS Experience:

I am a 40-year-old executive in the ultra cutthroat environment that is the automotive Industry. I have been successful at every level that I have attained, for really one reason. “I work harder and smarter then most everyone else!” I do not possess above average intelligence, but was blessed with an above average work ethic. I have an overwhelming desire to be the best at my craft.

I currently receive a 6-figure salary, and my opportunity for advancement is guaranteed. I have a wonderful wife and three children that are my “Magnificent Obsessions!” My reason for giving you this information is not to boast, but to demonstrate that I had no reason to be looking for a new career path. I do however always keep an open mind when it comes to potential business prospect.

I was exposed to Primerica through a friend of a close relative. I was really not interested in speaking with this person, but agreed. A long story short, after my complimentary FNA “Financial Needs Analysis” demonstrated to me that although we, as household, made a significant living, we really didn’t have anything to show for it. Worse yet we were not planning for the future of our children, or our retirement at the level we should be.

I looked at the opportunity in Primerica as a viable way to earn significant additional income and fund the short falls that our unchecked spending habits created. It was a sobering realization that we were sacrificing the welfare of our children and retirement for the instant gratification of plasma TV’s and new cars. It was difficult to see what financial position we were in all laid out in black and white. Hopeless was my initial reaction, until I turned the page to see a simple plan which would erase our entire $350,000.00 plus debt in 10 years instead of the 48 year track we were on. The plan DID NOT include a new mortgage, but an aggressive debt stacking model. That feeling of hopelessness was soon replaced with exuberance when it was also demonstrated that by earning extra income, and other factors, that not only were we going to be debt free, but our retirement will be funded, the kids education funded, and we would be off the credit cycle and on a life changing cash cycle forever.

Turning the page was a literal action taken, but as it turns out it had multiple meanings. The facts are that I signed up for Primerica right there and then. I didn’t research the company, although I had heard about it before, I looked at this opportunity with a pragmatic eye. You might ask why wouldn’t he have at least taken the time to delve deeper and find out more. All valid questions, but these were my rationale.

1. It was only $99.00 to start, and $25.00 a month for the support. (I spend more a month on car washes.)
2. PFS pay for your licenses.
3. PFS helped my family and it was profound.
4. If I didn’t like the company I could take my licenses and go somewhere else.
5. At the very least I was going to receive a better level of understanding of financial matters then I currently posses.

To me there was no downside, so why not give it a shot.. I am a professional salesman, this to me looked extremely appealing.

Fast forward nine months later:

Primerica has fulfilled every promise ever made to me and my family. I took the bull by the horns and went to work. I became a district leader in 30 days, licensed in two states within 45 days, was putting money from commission into the funds we had set up with 60 days, and today earn significant additional income a month. I have recruited and brought almost two dozen new people into the business. I currently have a very good working knowledge of not only the PFS products, but most other companies best products. The educational approach used, and the simple principles adhered to have changed countless families lives. I feel a sense of pride when I unlock those mysteries of personal finance.

Let me caution you! If you think this is a get rich quick scheme, you are wrong. Most of the time everyone likes the idea of being wealthy, they just aren’t willing to do the work. What you will find is that you will need to change yourself, and learn to redirect your focus. If you are so concerned with what other people might say or think about you, then PFS is not for you. If you haven’t realized this yet, I am not long suffering for those who make excuses, and lack personal responsibility. You are where you are because you won’t do what it takes to change.

To wrap this initial installment I want those of you who are thinking about doing something, STOP IT…. JUST DO IT!!! This world is full of people who are thinking about doing something, in Primerica you can be a winner, but you must take action.

Until Next Time…