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I have something important to share with you.

Please follow this link to watch video of “02.18.11 | Assembly Floor Session (Part 4)”

Once at the site, please scroll down to the bottom (at least it was at the bottom at the time of this writing) to “02.18.11 | Assembly Floor Session (Part 4)” and watch the video.

Notice that only 1/2 the room is full as attendance is taken. Be patient. Keep watching for THE most dramatic thing you’ve ever seen. I promise.

Pay close attention to the running time at the bottom of the page. Nothing. NOTHING illustrates better the reason I went to Madison last Friday. Nothing. In total, this video is 31-ish minutes long. But it’s better drama than anything you’ll EVER see on nighttime T.V. This actually happened.

And I was there.

Just a little more back story to help you to understand what you are watching:

During this portion of the Assembly Special Floor Session, a quorum call was ordered at 5:00. Roll call was taken. And Voting began BEFORE 5:00 WHEN DEMOCRATS WERE TOLD TO BE THERE.

At 4:57 Assembly Democrats (in orange) begin to show up.

Eventually, they are able to stop the voting on Special Session Assembly Bill 11 arguing that they had amendments that needed to be taken up. The Assembly speaker agreed and the floor session adjourned until Tuesday, February 22nd.

Please share this. Nothing I can say, or write, or argue, or link to can explain it better.

Again, the only other thing I’d like to say is, please seek to understand.

If you just want to be mad. Be mad.  If you want this bill to pass–that’s fine.  But this is bigger than that.  Way bigger.

If you want to know why, if you want to understand, please watch. I’m a teacher. At my core I work for truth. I work for understanding.  This video of our government at work explains it better than I ever could.  There is no editorializing here.  There are no opinions.

This happened.  And this is what is happening in Wisconsin.  And this is why there were 100,000 people there on Saturday.

Things are happening way too quickly with no opportunity for collaboration or discussion or creative problem solving.

THAT is what is why I can’t sleep at night. THAT is why I’m not eating. THAT is why I HAD to go to Madison on Friday.