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. . .You won’t like her when she’s angry.

May 23, 2011

Customer Service Center
Ford Credit
P.O. Box 542000
Omaha, NE 68154-8000

Dear Customer Service Center:

I am so disappointed in your service! My husband and I bought a Ford Escape in 2001.
It was financed through your credit department. We paid off the loan in January of
2006. I do not have, in my files, a record of your response to our paying off the loan, so
when I sold the car on May 7th, I requested that your department send to me a copy of
the “No Interest Letter.”

I never received that letter. For some reason, I did not get the fax, which I was told
was successful. For some reason, I did not get the letter via the mail either. I called
multiple times and was told not to bother calling again until 10 days had passed since I
placed my request. So, I waited. On May 21st, I placed another call to Ford Credit and
was assured by a specialist by the name of Don, that he would place an urgent request
to fax and mail another copy of this letter to me. I was unable to stay home today to
make sure that the fax was received properly….so, for some reason ( and this may be
my fax malfunctioning), I did not get the fax…..again. So, now, I must wait for 2 days
for the letter to be mailed. And, I should not call again until the 10th day if I don’t
receive it in the mail! In the mean time, the gentleman who purchased the car from me
CANNOT drive it! This does not sit well with him. (Believe it or not, this does affect
your reputation as a car manufacturer!)

My question to you is…is this an efficient way of doing business in 2011? We have
access to immediate information at our fingertips with the internet. Cell phones can surf
the web…there is texting…emails….but Ford Credit requires 2 DAYS to put something
into the mail? ARE YOU KIDDDING ME? I like your vehicles, but your customer
service department sorely needs an update!

A very frustrated customer,

Lisa Wondra