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Over the years, my daughters have had a private correspondence with a very special  . . . um, being.  These are personal and sensitive messages that, until recently, have been secreted in a shoebox under the bed.  We think, perhaps, that enough time has passed.  Please be gentle with them.

Tooth Fairy Letter #1, Found December 23, 2004


Dear Emma,

Congratulations! You finally lost that tooth!

What a relief!  Do you feel any differently now that you’ve lost it?

Like a lot of things growing up, losing a tooth can be a little scary.  For you, I’m sure it probably felt like it took FOR-EV-ER.  When your just a young girl, a lot of things feel like that.  I know that most of your friends have already lost a few teeth. Don’t feel badly because you’ve only lost one so far. There are three things that make teeth special to me—and this tooth has all of them. This is a very magical tooth and I’m glad to have it. Do you want to know what those three things are?

  1. Age:  The older a tooth is, the more time it has had to soak in all of the good magic that you create.
  2. Health:  A good, strong, white, pearly tooth always holds more magic than teeth that are starting to decay.
  3. Goodness:  A tooth from the mouth of a good child always has more powerful magic within.  The kinder the child, the stronger the magic.  You’re a very loving and caring kid, Emma.  So, naturally, your tooth is super-duper strong–and has lots of magic inside of it.

Emma, I’ll explain more about the magic, and what I do with your teeth later (probably next time you lose a tooth), but for now just know that you are a very special girl.  You have within you lots and lots of love.  This means that you also have very special teeth. Magical teeth.  Powerful teeth.

So keep on being that wonderful, unique girl that you are.  Keep taking care of those teeth. I love you very much.  Thank you for letting me have your first tooth.  It will help me to do a lot of good.


The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy