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Over the years, my daughters have had a private correspondence with a very special  . . . um, being.  These are personal and sensitive messages that, until recently, have been secreted in a shoebox under the bed.  We think, perhaps, that enough time has passed.  Please be gentle with them.

Tooth Fairy Letter #2, Found May 28, 2005


Dear Emma,

Congratulations! You finally lost that second tooth!

And you pulled it out yourself this time! That was very brave.  Wow!  I guess you don’t need anybody (like your teacher) to bump into you anymore. You can take care of this stuff yourself.

Emma, it sure is taking a long time for me to get them, but I just love your teeth!!  I’m so excited!  They have such powerful magic in them!   They are SO worth the wait.  By the time I get them, your teeth are literally overflowing with sparkling powerful magic!

I know I left some (sparkly) money for you, but because I’m getting so much from you with each tooth, I still feel like I owe you something.  They are just so valuable.  You don’t need to tell anybody this, but just one of your teeth has as much magic as 10 of the teeth I normally collect from kids.

So . . .

Can you keep a secret?

Remember what I told you last time about what makes a tooth magical? Age, Health, and Goodness? Well your teeth are so magical because they are high in all three of these things.

Keep up the good work!

And now for the secret . . .

Let me tell you a little bit about what I do with the teeth I get.

A lot of people get confused about this. Some people think I use them like bricks and build magical white castles (snicker).  Some people think I collect them in jars and just save them (he he).  Well (ahem), I don’t do either of those things.

(Where do people get these crazy ideas?)

Want to know what I really do with them?

I grind them up.

Yep.  I know.  Maybe that sounds strange.  But it’s true.  I grind them up into a really fine powder.

Actually I grind them up so much that I make a light powdery dust.

Tooth dust.

It’s really pretty cool.  But that’s not the coolest part.  Tooth dust by itself is . . . well, to be honest–it’s worthless.  It’s worthless, that is, until I add another special secret ingredient that I get from some friends of mine.

I’m running out of room here, so I’ll just say that the two ingredients alone don’t really do much.  But when mixed together . . . WOWY ZOWY and PRESTO!


If you’re a good secret keeper, I’ll tell you the other ingredient next time. But for now, just keep being the wonderful little girl that you are. You are truly a magical, wonderful child. And I love you.


The Tooth Fairy