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Over the years, my daughters have had a private correspondence with a very special  . . . um, being.  These are personal and sensitive messages that, until recently, have been secreted in a shoebox under the bed.  We think, perhaps, that enough time has passed.  Please be gentle with them.

Tooth Fairy Letter #3, Found September 11, 2005


Dear Emma,

Congratulations! You finally lost that third tooth! And your first top tooth, too. That’s always fun. Plus now you get to have your second grade picture be special. You’ll have to remember to smile big so the camera can get a good look at that big space in front.

And again you pulled it out yourself! Well sort of. Actually, lots of kids lose their teeth when brushing them. But here is something that I bet you didn’t know: When a child loses a tooth while brushing, it makes the tooth 10 times more magical. That’s because brushing makes healthy teeth. And you remember the three ingredients for powerful magic, right? Age, health, and goodness.

Emma, I just have to say again how much I love you’re teeth. They have such powerful magic already, but since this one was lost while brushing–it’s sure to be supercharged.

Are you keeping my letters, Emma?

I only ask because last time I wrote I told you what I do with the teeth that I collect every night from girls and boys all over the world—grind them up into dust.

But I also said that tooth dust by itself was pretty worthless.

Worthless, that is, until I add another super secret ingredient I get from some special friends of mine. I usually don’t tell anybody this, but I feel like I can tell you because you are giving me such powerfully magical teeth.

Well my special friends are. . .bees.

But not just any bees. A special group of bees. I’d have more time to write but you lost your tooth right before bed–which is another way to make a good tooth more magical—because I get it when it’s still ultra fresh!

Anyway, I’ll tell you more about my special friends next time, but for now, do you think you can guess the secret ingredient?

I’ll give you a hint: It’s very dusty.

Good luck! You’re such a smart girl, you’ll probably figure it out lickety-split. But don’t worry if you don’t. I’ll tell you the next time I write—the next time you lose a tooth. Just keep being the wonderful little girl that you are. You are truly a magical and wonderful child. And I love you very much.


The Tooth Fairy