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Tooth Fairy Letter #7, Found March 16, 2006


Dear Emma,

It sure has been a busy year for you and me. This is your seventh tooth already.

Emma, do you know what a Golden Tooth is? No, it has nothing to do with the color. Have you ever heard of a Golden Birthday? That happens when the date of the month is the same as the age that you are turning. So, for instance, if somebody has a birthday on September 10th, their Golden Birthday would happen when they turn 10 years old.

Get it?

Well, a Golden Tooth is very similar to a Golden Birthday. It is created when the number of the tooth that is lost matches the age of the child that loses it.

This is your Golden Tooth! Congratulations. It is very special. And you guessed it, Golden Teeth have a very unique type of magic hidden deeply inside of them. I work with them very differently than all the other teeth I get.

Sometimes one child can give me more than one Golden Tooth. Can you figure out how that might happen? It is possible that you could give me two Golden Teeth. Considering the rate that you are losing teeth this year, it probably won’t happen. But it is possible. Not probable, but possible. I don’t think anybody has ever given me three Golden Teeth.

I really love your teeth, Emma. You are such a wonderful kid. You are growing into a very loving, caring, and patient girl. I can see absolutely amazing, fantastic, and exciting things in your future! Enjoy every minute you can today. After all, you are only a kid once.


The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy