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Independence is fine–for those of a certain mindset.  A certain something-to-prove-to-the-world that: “I can do it myself!”

Independence has it’s place.  Toddlers need to feel it.  Adolescents certainly do. It’s a necessary illusion for those populations–and also maybe certain leaders of North Korea.  Like all stages of development, it’s a necessary illusion on one’s way to inevitably more and more mature ways of seeing the world.

More realistic understandings about how-things-really-work.

So on this day, July 4th 2015, my challenge for you, fellow children of the earth–my siblings, my kin, my brothers and sisters of humanity– is to find peace with with your independence.

You are growing up so strong and smart.  You really are beyond proving yourself, so take pride in your thoughts, your appearance, your talents, your status, even your mistakes and flaws.  Stop this incessant worrying that you can’t be loved as you are.

You are.

Accept the love and cooperation of those around you. You don’t have to do it alone anymore.

For we are all linked-in-up-together now–connected by threads that are not so invisible anymore.


We influence and are affected by technology–lines and cables and wires and cellular and digital and hard-copy and wi-fi and physical and emotional and intellectual–transmitted and received and passed along both knowingly and unknowingly across leagues of time and space impossible to fathom when we decided (for good reason) to recognize this tribal holiday.

We are evolving.  Growing up. Calming down.

Yes, yes . . . independence is necessary and good–today, and all days.  Move in and out of it as you feel the need.  Play with your imagined independence like a good set of action figures inspired by the blockbuster summer-adventure-thriller-underdog-feel-good movie that swept you away for a couple of hours.

And then, when you are ready–when your independence starts to feel heavy or lonely or you feel the weight of the entire world on your shoulders–join us again.  Come back.  We’re waiting for you to begin celebrating with us–our interdependence.