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Portfolio Page

Thank you for taking a look at my professional portfolio.  Each link will bring you to a sample of my professional body of work.  At the bottom of this page you will also find three letters of recommendation to supplement my application.

When you’re finished, as long as you’re here, feel free to browse my personal blog.

Instruction and Support:

Web Sites for Fun and Profit: This is a link to a community education class I taught for adults on web design for beginners.  The site is purposefully generic because we used it together like a sandbox–a safe place to experiment and learn together during class.

A sample unit: A Treasure Island unit I developed.  With no support from my school (no district hosted online options, resources or training), I was able to get most of this unit online for free so students had access to the information they needed.

Treasure Island Voice Threads: In which I created online opportunities for my students to view slides and read along with me to assist them in understanding a challenging text.

Teaching Persuasion:  I don’t believe my role is to be a “sage on the stage,” but more of a “guide on the side,” facilitating student learning.  As such, one will not often find me lecturing.   That said, there are times when a teacher must present information to the class.  Here is an example of me doing this in the context of a unit on persuasive writing.

Teacher Training Page (Writing Across the Curriculum): I developed this page while researching and creating district professional development for teachers to support strong writing instruction across the curriculum.  Most interesting here is the Self Regulation Strategy Development (SRSD) tool I created for middle school students at Saint Croix Falls: the SAINTS pattern.  I’m quite proud of it.

Student SRSD page: In which I begin to teach the “SAINTS Writing” pattern to students.

Tracy Anderson: My virtual Teacher Assistant’s Facebook page

Mr Wondra’s teacher site: My teacher page at St. Croix Falls Middle School

Student Work and Growth:

A significant outcome of my instruction is that students learn to take responsibility for their own learning.  This includes analyzing data in order to reflect on abilities, setting reasonable goals, and documenting progress toward those goals.  The following documents are snapshot artifacts illustrating student growth in progress.

First Quarter Language Arts Reflection (pdf): 1st Quarter Reflection

Goal Reflection (pdf): Fluency Goal Reflection

Daily Reading Log (pdf): Reading Log

Reading Data Reflection (pdf): Reading Data Reflection

Reading Growth Log (pdf): Reading Growth Log

Reading Goals Documentation (pdf): Goals Documentation

A recent writing sample.  A position (persuasive/argumentative) paper (pdf): SnowDayEssay

A graphic using data to illustrate and compare typical growth in my classes to national norms (pdf): Class Growth 1.15

Educational Leadership and Reflective Practice:

How to be a leader of teachers:  With the demands put on educational leaders, teachers, and districts–with every dollar and minute stretched tight–how can you justify the time it takes to nurture a community of teachers?  This page describes how We Teach We Learn, the web page and learning community that I founded, can help.

My Action Research: A narrated and semi-animated slide show summarizing what I learned about how males and females learn differently.  It’s actually quite interesting and fun to watch. Enjoy!

Writing to Persuade: I collaborated with the author and contributed content to this book.

We Teach We Learn Homepage: The site I founded and continue to maintain that supports the critical thinking and professional development I practice, encourage and promote.

We Teach We Learn Facebook Page

We Teach We Learn Twitter Feed

The promotional flier used for an event in which I was the keynote speaker:

BFCL-Life Outside the Comfort Zone


A scan of an example of the weekly column I write for the Inter County Leader:


A picture of me speaking about growth and change to a group of educators at a professional development conference:


 Letters of Recommendation:

Letter of recommendation from Rita Platt (pdf): Platt Letter

Letter of recommendation from Amy Klein (pdf ): CWRecommendation

Letter of recommendation from Chris Nelson (pdf): Nelson Letter