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Privacy Policy

Howdy. Welcome to my “Privacy Policy.”

Quite honestly, I think this is stupid–perhaps because I don’t completely understand it–but in keeping with my values, I feel that you should know something.

There are some ads on this site. If you click these ads, I make a little money. I know, I know. So what right? What does that have to do with you, right?

Well here’s the deal. These ads are coming from Google and they have just informed me, that in order to do this, I should really have a “privacy policy.” The reason they are just letting me know this, I think, is because they’re sort of up to something.

In order to serve you up ads that you’ll be more likely to be interested in, I think they want to track you somehow. Honestly, I have no idea how this might work, but I suspect that they can somehow track surfing data.

Again, I really have no idea what this has to do with me. I’m not tracking you or keeping any of your info. If you leave a comment, and happen to also leave your email, rest assured I will usually ignore it. Sometimes, if I find your comment unusually intelligent or interesting, I may email you back. But, other than that . . .you know. I’ve got more important things to keep track of–like the Twins or Vikings standings, or where I left my damn shoes.

If you’d like more information about how I really feel about this, you might read what Seth Godin has to say about sugar-coated corporate speak. If you’d like to know what the hell Google is up to, you can read all the technical stuff, here.

Or I lifted the following right from the Google privacy info page about advertising:

Google uses cookies to improve your online experience, including the display of more relevant ads. Learn more about how Google uses advertising cookies.

Anyone may opt out of the DoubleClick cookie (for AdSense partner sites, DoubleClick ad serving, and certain Google services using the DoubleClick cookie) at any time. Google also offers a number of options to permanently save your opt-out settings in your browser. In addition, Google allows third party advertisers to serve ads on the Google content network. Using a tool created by the Network Advertising Initiative, you can opt out of several third party ad servers’ and networks’ cookies simultaneously.

So there you have it. Now you know.