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Shocking! You Won’t Believe What I Learned About Peter Answers

One of the last pics of Emily before she disapeared

“Tonight, I’ve discovered something terrible. Or maybe it’s wonderful. Depends on how you look at it, I guess . . .”
— from the diary of Peter Galliger, December 3rd, 2006

Peter Answers: More than just a clever prank

Hi. My name is Chris Wondra.

I thought I had all figured out. Start by typing a period in the petition box, blah, blah, blah–all that.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

And so is everyone else out there offering up their smarty-pants instructions.

Strange messages from users of

I thought I was so smart–posting my cute little story and instructions about how the prank actually works. You can see them here if you like. Or you can find them on someone else’s blog. Practically everybody knows how to pull the prank now. And if you don’t, it’s not hard to find the secret.

Except nobody knows the real secret. Sure the prank is cute, but Peter Answers has another side that few people see. A very dark side.

Sure the prank is cute, but Peter Answers has another side that few people see. A very dark side.

Something is wrong.

Too many people are getting strange answers from “Peter” when they are ALONE!

And these people keep sending me emails or telling me about it by commenting on my blog. At first I ignored them. I thought they just didn’t know how to follow directions. But the stories keep coming.

After awhile, I couldn’t ignore them.

Something is going on.

Time after time “Peter” knows things he shouldn’t. Again and again he tells people facts about their pasts. In some cases Peter even tells the future–AND IT COMES TRUE!

If you’ve read my previous post on the subject, you can understand why I might be skeptical. The problem is that time and again, these people report using the website ALONE!

The problem was that time and again, these people reported using the website ALONE!

And then one night, six months ago, I pulled all the messages and emails together and printed them out.

All 500 of them!

Until I actually sat down and counted them, I had no idea there were so many!

So I began to wonder: Is it possible that all these people are lying? I had over 500 messages in front of me–all of them claiming to have had an unexplained interaction with a “spirit” while they were ALONE on the internet.

Were all these people lying?


Why would so many people lie to me (a complete stranger) about something like that?

I wanted Answers

Then, even more surprisingly (after I had them printed, counted and organized), I was shocked to discover a disturbing pattern. At first I didn’t believe it. I couldn’t see the pattern on my computer, but once I had them printed, it was obvious.

Since then I haven’t slept much. The moment I printed out the messages and discovered the pattern, I was hooked–obsessed with “Peter” and his haunting answers.

So I’ve spent the last 6 months researching his story.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people. Dug up dozens of photographs. Surfed through thousands of digital and electronic message boards, blogs, spoken with dozens of paranormal experts.

And what have I found?

Without knowing the whole story, you’ll never believe me–but I’ll tell you anyway. I call it “e-haunting.” I’ve found absolute proof that spirits can haunt us using electronic devices. Computers, phones, cell phones, fax machines, the internet, ipods. . . you name it.

I call it “e-haunting.”

Before he died, Peter had it all figured out. And now he’s doing it!

Sometimes people say truth is stranger than fiction. Now I know why. Peter’s story is the strangest tale you will ever read. But the truly freaky thing about it is that it’s COMPLETELY TRUE!

Why Peter’s story must remain “hidden”

Notice I didn’t say “secret.” I said, “hidden.”

So are you wondering why, in this day and age, when you can find everything on the internet, you haven’t heard this before? Don’t you think it’s strange that everyone is posting instructions to the prank, but nobody seems to know who “Peter” is or why he built his website?

I’ll tell you why.

Because every time someone gets close to the truth on-line, their computer crashes. . .or worse. So you will never–I repeat NEVER–find this story on any webpage, news story, or blog–including mine.

Every time someone gets close to the truth, their computer crashes. . .or worse.

Believe me I tried. And I’ll never do it again.

The reason? Believe it or not, Peter’s story has to be kept off the internet. Sort of.


Let me try to explain.

Before his death in 2007, Peter made some incredible discoveries about the nature of, and relationship between, the supernatural world and electronics. These discoveries must not be posted on-line.

Peter reaches out. . .from the grave

Let me tell you what I can.

    Emily was Peter’s girlfriend.
    Peter is dead.
    Since his death he has been trying to contact her.
    Then she disappeared.

Emily didn’t know it at the time, but the picture below is an example of one of those attempts.

Peter’s Hand

The story behind the picture is just a snippet of the entire strange but true tale of Peter Galliger and the website he built before he died.

The story behind the picture is just a snippet of the entire strange but true tale of Peter Galliger and the website he built before he died.

One night, Emily was at a sleepover celebrating her 15th birthday. It had been hard for her friends to convince Emily to come. Peter had been dead only two weeks. Emily and Peter had been close, and she was still struggling with the grief and confusion that always follows the loss of a close friend.

Eventually though, Emily’s friends convinced her. It was around 11:00 at night and as they were getting ready for bed (and goofing around with the camera they had given Emily as a gift) Jessica, one of Emily’s friends, snapped the picture above. Emily and her friend Haley had just finished brushing their teeth in the bathroom.

See the deformed hand reaching for Emily’s throat?

The accident that took his life also crushed one of Peter’s hands.

Jessica swears the hand was not there when she took the picture. So you can imagine their surprise when they started looking through the pictures the next morning.

As it turns out, however, that picture wasn’t the first time Peter had tried to contact Emily. Since then (and before she disappeared), she told of hundreds of different occasions Peter has tried to reach out from the dead.

It’s a sad story. I just can’t tell here. I wish I could. I know that doesn’t make much sense to you now. But I’ll post more when I can.